Plotting Your Course: 1 Getting Your Life on Course with a “Devine Design”

Taralyn Michelle-

Owning the aspects of our life enables us to move through them and learn from them and continue the quest to be your best self. My guest Taralyn Michelle’s purpose is guiding you to find your “Divine Design”, allowing you to be your true unapologetic self. 

Imagine getting your life on course to have the life you deserve!

As a certified Life Coach, Habit Change expert, and CEO of Divine Design Media LLC, Taralyn has led individuals and groups in customized training designed to create life-changing shifts. Witnessing the shift in their energy and mindset continues to reaffirm in me not only the power of purpose in life but the importance of awakening our unique contributions through living in that purpose.

A native of the southern Chicagoland area Taralyn Michelle is a speaker, best-selling author, and mindset coach dedicated to supporting women in navigating through the challenges of their life stories.

Taralyn uses her gift as a professional writer to support clients in taking the next step and sharing their stories through freelance services offered by Divine Design Media. Her book, entitled “The Ultimate Release”, is at the core of Taralyn’s mission to guide others through identifying the beginning of core beliefs that skew perceptions and fuel a defeatist mindset, decision making, and experiences. Just released is her latest book and National Best Seller, “The Life I Love”, an anthology of true stories revealing transformations that lead to living a life worth celebrating while embracing the NOW!.

To learn more, connect with Taralyn on her website at , Facebook at AuthorTaralynMichele and Instagram @Justtaralyn

Published by Lorie

Hello and welcome to Sailing Through Life! My name is Lorie. I am a 2-time melanoma cancer survivor and a sailor - in my heart and on the water. I want to be a beacon of light to others with life challenges and be an inspiration to stay positive while going through these life-altering events. Join me as I set sail on this new adventure... Sailing Through Life.

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