the big change

I didn’t pick the easy route, I picked the most fulfilling and challenging . Some people think shifting gears or starting over is easier because you’re stopping one thing and starting over fresh. I can tell you it gives you much more to work through. You don’t want to fool yourself into thinking it’s just flipping a switch. It’s not escaping reality -Its navigating the new normal. The process I went through really was starting over. Re-establishing myself and my life, learning everything from scratch. This all takes time. Everything that used to be second nature is now a thorough thought process and it can be exhausting. I’m up for the challenge but I need to be realistic. There was so much work involved in making this transition, I have really come to understand endurance, beating the odds and the blessing of divine intervention.

The last year has given us quite a broad spectrum between the pandemic and now. Lots of things are different from a year ago. 

Did you find that you made any changes in your life in the last year? Were there job changes, new activities, life changes? Did life throw you a curveball that ended up pushing you in the right direction?

What are some of the big decisions you’ve had to make in your life?. What were the easy choices? And what were the hard ones? If you could go back, would you do anything different? 

Change- It’s one of those things you cannot escape. You have to work through it and adjust.  Your brain is processing so much information at any given time. There are always things you can do to protect yourself, make your life better, challenge yourself. How has change made a difference for you? 

Unfortunately, the change I experienced with my health was a big deal. It has been a series of hiccups in how I have worked through it. There is no cookie cutter answer to any of this. You just have to find what works best for you.

The last four months have been a whirlwind for me. I have been overwhelmed at times with all the changes in my life. I sometimes think about what I could have done differently. I guess a lot, but I don’t know how it would affect me getting here. 

I know I am a small part of a big plan. Every experience was a part of my journey. I realize I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this time. It may not have happened like I thought, but it is what pushed me to my next chapter. With this recent shift, I’ve been trying to give myself a little room to work through all my new experiences to live the life I desire and deserve.

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Hello and welcome to Sailing Through Life! My name is Lorie. I am a 2-time melanoma cancer survivor and a sailor - in my heart and on the water. I want to be a beacon of light to others with life challenges and be an inspiration to stay positive while going through these life-altering events. Join me as I set sail on this new adventure... Sailing Through Life.

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