Tied Up In Knots: Unraveling Emotions to Find Inner Peace

Amber Campion-

Are you tied up in knots? Feeling frustrated and stuck? 

Amber, a trauma-informed yoga teacher & mindfulness-based life + leadership coach, has such a peaceful and centered spirit. Through her guidance she will help us understand how to unravel those knots in your life and find your inner peace. Imagine living a more confident life.

For more than a decade, Amber’s work in the field of emotional intelligence, personal leadership, and self-discovery has led her to create many programs supporting you to bring your Full Self to the world.  She is also the founder of Dynamic Release Method™ and The Fulfillment Formula™.

Topics we cover:

  • The connection to mind, body and spirit
  • What it means to find your inner peace
  • The 7 Mind Traps – How to break habits that keep you stuck

I really enjoyed our conversation about self discovery and why it is so important to stop hiding and start living intentionally and to your full potential. I felt such a powerful connection to her. She has such a calm and giving spirit. 

So, if you are feeling frustrated and stuck, when you stop feeling like yourself, you need to look deeper. Please connect with Amber. She will be able to help you understand how to unravel your emotions and find your inner peace.

You can discover more about Amber through:

Her website: AmberCampion.com  

Access her free yoga, breathwork, and insight journaling program: A 5-Day Embodiment Experience: to keep the channel open

YouTube @ambercampion

Instagram @ambercampion 

Facebook @campionamber

Listen to this important episode to hear more.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor! I would love to grow this amazing support community!



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