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Megan & Nick O’Kelly
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The O’Kelly’s

Sail Clarity

What an amazing day! After corresponding with Megan for over a year, we finally met in person. What are the chances we would be in the same town on the same day? Well, considering they are sailing around on their boat…it seems pretty slim. And yet it happened! I was on a plane (6am flight…yikes!) and they were having engine trouble. The universe took care of the rest. Events lined up and created an unforgettable meeting. Megan & Nick have been giving of their time and are so down to earth. What a treasure in the world we live in. I just want to thank them for all they have done to help me through the last year and this transformation.

If you don’t know the O’Kelly’s, check out the links to learn more about their sailing adventures on their boat Clarity. They are a wealth of knowledge and really are a great resource for the sailing life. If you are considering sailing locally or to discover the world, you should follow them. They will give the the full scoop on the lifestyle.

So what’s with the mug you ask? Well, Megan asked me to create an image for a shirt with Nick’s face to emulate his favorite Bob Ross “Trees” t-shirt. I went to work and this is what I came up with. CLOUDS for the former weatherman. You can see more about it in the video here.

You can purchase the image I created for Nick and Megan on T’s and a mug here!

You can watch The O’Kelly’s on YouTube or listen to their podcast Under the Sheets on Apple. You can find them on Instagram here Megan & Nick

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