Undercurrents: Understanding Lymphedema

Dr. Emilia Dewi-

Dr. Emilia Dewi is an occupational therapist and has helped many clients navigate life after cancer treatments and surgery, return to exercise and pain-free life post cancer treatment, and has problem-solved many lifestyle adaptations that her clients have had to face to manage their lymphedema, a serious and misunderstood chronic illness. She explains the importance of the lymphatic system and how everyone should be aware of how it works and what it means when it signals there is a concern.

Emilia is passionate about raising awareness for lymphedema as well as providing resources and helping patients to thrive when living with lymphedema. She is a truly special person.

You can learn more about Dr. Emilia Dewi and lymphedema on Instagram @the_lymph_therapist

Please reach out to her with any questions or concerns.

Listen to this important episode to hear more.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor! I would love to grow this amazing support community!



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