Hope Floats: Trusting Life after Cancer

Caroline Rose-

The definition of hope is the expectation, feeling, and belief that the future will be full of desired, meaningful events and outcomes. Without hope, it is difficult to imagine how or why humans would persevere.

I know you will be truly moved with my guest Caroline Rose. She has made it her mission to share her story of hope and to inspire us to continue to fight and reclaim our lives.

Caroline is a three-time stage 4 cancer thriver, speaker and total dog lover.

Her soul-searching and the struggles she was forced to face at the lowest point in her life revealed to her that we all deserve a second chance.  It also was the moment that she realized that despair, and pain is where we find the treasures of life. She has been blessed by finding her angel, Riley. He was her guide through her most difficult times. Together, the strength of their bond taught them that there really are some things in life that are worth the fight.

They found that hope is what floats us through the most demanding times.

“It was almost like the curtain sort of parted and I saw and felt and realized the power of hope and how that had been there the whole time. As I realized the power of this, things in my life started falling into place. I was speaking to other others and hearing their feedback…and it was always about hope”

In this episode with Caroline, you will learn:

  • The power of hope in our lives
  • How she found her inspiration through her cancer fight
  • What it means to trust life again

Caroline’s story is more than a cancer survivor story. It’s the story of love, loss, and the ultimate realization that the hope of true joy always outweighs the struggle. Your experiences in life teach you so many lessons. Some of us have bigger and harder lessons, but the message is the same. Hope will give us the strength to overcome difficulties and hardships. Sometimes, hope is the only thing that keeps us going, keeps our head above water.

Our resilience and determination to continue the fight will bring us some of the greatest moments in our lives. Through laughter and tears we can thrive.  It is what we hold on to that gives us the strength to go on. Riley was there to show Caroline how. By having that companionship and connection with him, she experienced first hand the healing power of animals.

Caroline is involved with various cancer boards and volunteering with the local dog rescue. She remains passionate about spreading hope and giving back to those who are still searching for their hopeful ever after. 

You can learn more about Caroline on her website DearRileyRose.com

Instagram @dearrileyrose 

Facebook @caroline.neely.rose 

Listen to this important episode to hear more.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor! I would love to grow this amazing support community!



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Hello and welcome to Sailing Through Life! My name is Lorie. I am a 2-time melanoma cancer survivor and a sailor - in my heart and on the water. I want to be a beacon of light to others with life challenges and be an inspiration to stay positive while going through these life-altering events. Join me as I set sail on this new adventure... Sailing Through Life.

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