Raising Awareness for Melanoma and Skin Cancer: Importance of Early Detection and Prevention

Lorie –

Melanoma can be deadly, but early detection can save lives. Don’t let skin cancer catch you off guard. Stay informed and take preventative measures with this comprehensive series for skin cancer awareness.

We are saving lives one episode at a time!

Ep. 109

Thanks for joining me today. Welcome to the first episode of this incredibly important and life saving series aimed at empowering and inspiring you to take control of your health. As we acknowledge the month of May as skin cancer and melanoma awareness month, it is crucial to increase awareness about the importance of early detection and treatment of skin cancer. Through this series, we will provide helpful tips and real-life experiences to help you understand the seriousness of skin cancer and find support. 

Whether you’re someone who has been affected by skin cancer or know someone who has, this series is for you. Join us on this journey to raise awareness, empower each other, and inspire hope through this powerful community.

Let’s work together to stop skin cancer and save lives! 

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Series
Skin Cancer Foundation

In the upcoming episodes, you can expect to be touched by my guests’ survival stories, encouraged by the support available to you and educated about what you can do to stay sun safe. 

You’ll meet clinical trial veterans, the president of AIM at Melanoma, writers and authors who have shared their skin cancer struggles and victories, survivors, coaches and young adults who are passionate about advocating for awareness, and about sun protection options to continue to keep you safe as you live your life…

I am proud of this series and to have met everyone that has been so generous with sharing their stories and their time.

I am not my Cancer! But my Cancer made me who I am. 

Through inspiring conversations and personal experiences, this community shares stories of hope and resilience in the face of life’s challenges. We believe in the power of self-care, mindfulness, and positive thinking to improve our health and wellbeing. Whether you’re navigating cancer or simply seeking a more fulfilling life, we’re here to support you on your journey. By embracing the power of positivity and recognizing our own strength and resilience, we can overcome even the most difficult obstacles. Let’s empower each other to make every choice count and create the life we desire as we sail through life!...

This series comes from my heart.

You may not know, I myself am a two-time stage 3 melanoma survivor and thriver. 

This podcast was born out of my experience with this diagnosis and my desire to continue to live an amazing life…especially after cancer.

The timing of this series could not have been better. I can relate to all of you who have gone through this.

Melanoma and Skin Cancer

1. Know the signs

It is important to know the signs of melanoma and skin cancer. Look for any changes in moles or spots on your skin, such as asymmetry, irregular borders, color changes, or a diameter larger than a pencil eraser. If you notice any of these signs, see a dermatologist immediately.

2. Protect your skin

Protecting your skin from the sun is crucial in preventing melanoma and skin cancer. Wear protective clothing, such as hats and long-sleeved shirts, and use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Avoid tanning beds and limit your time in the sun, especially during peak hours.

3. Regular skin checks

Regular skin checks with a dermatologist can help detect melanoma and skin cancer early. It is recommended to have a full-body skin check once a year, especially if you have a family history of skin cancer or have had skin cancer in the past.

4. Self-examination

Performing self-examinations can also help detect melanoma and skin cancer early. Check your skin regularly for any changes or new spots. Use a mirror to check hard-to-see areas, such as your back and scalp.

5. Seek medical attention

If you notice any changes in your skin or have any concerns, seek medical attention immediately. Early detection and treatment can increase the chances of successful treatment and recovery.

6. Know your risk factors

Certain factors can increase your risk of developing melanoma and skin cancer, such as fair skin, a history of sunburns, a family history of skin cancer, and a weakened immune system. Knowing your risk factors can help you take preventative measures and seek medical attention if necessary.

7. Spread awareness

Spread awareness about melanoma and skin cancer to your friends and family. Encourage them to protect their skin from the sun and to perform regular self-examinations and skin checks with a dermatologist. Together, we can raise awareness and prevent the spread of melanoma and skin cancer.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor!

I would love to grow this amazing support community! Learn more here.

** Sailing Through Life Podcast is intended to educate, inspire and support you on your personal journey and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content is for general informational purposes only. If you are suffering from any psychological or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified health professional.

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Hello and welcome to Sailing Through Life! My name is Lorie. I am a 2-time melanoma cancer survivor and a sailor - in my heart and on the water. I want to be a beacon of light to others with life challenges and be an inspiration to stay positive while going through these life-altering events. Join me as I set sail on this new adventure... Sailing Through Life.

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