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I know that you’ve gone through challenges and changes in your life and that you’re trying to learn more to help yourself through that. I know you’re listening to this show because you’re searching for answers and direction. I have been on this journey along with all of you.  It is the evolution of your life. 

We have one life to live. This is your journey and it involves both the highs and the lows. We are not perfect. We have to find a way to shine even when our light feels dim.

Why Steady As She Goes? Well, because this is a journey of continual learning, evolving to actually living a better life, I know this is a work in progress. The information I provide in the episodes and the diversity of guests have guided many of you to rethink your life and perhaps start to understand yourself better and to benefit from that as well. my hope is to always empower and inspire you, I know how important that is when you’re feeling confused, alone or stuck. 

The engaging people that are guests on this show have all demonstrated the power of change. The power of overcoming life challenges. I know for some of you, It’s so freaking hard some days to just get through a day. If there’s anything that I could offer you right now, it is that I have been there, I continue to make the changes necessary in my own life and to work on me with the knowledge that it has a purpose. I know the most valuable thing is to forgive, be patient and kind with yourself. Life can really be a fight, but we have to find our way through that.

With all the conversations I’ve had with the guests on the show, the underlying theme is resilience. Shifting your perspective into something motivating. Finding the blessings in your life regardless of how dark the time was. To remember that you are alive. You are here and you have a purpose. You are worthy. So, don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself. Trust yourself to know what to do and go for it. We all know how few people actually live their dream. 

It is time for change even though fear is involved in that change. There are unknowns that haunt us especially after being diagnosed with a health issue. The fear I think is one of the most powerful feelings because it is the core of so many other emotions.

So, in this episode, I am going to honor a few of those strong women to celebrate International Women’s Day. I wanted to go through a few conversations I’ve had with some of my memorable guests on the show to highlight what I actually learned and how I hope you have been inspired…

You can learn more about each guest here:

Mags Bujalski -Don’t Rock the Boat: Keeping Balance in your Life (11/2020)

Roxanne Chaput  -Ebb & Flow: Moving through Life Changes (3/2021)

Lindsay Miller  -That Sinking Feeling (8/2021)

Maria Seville  -Trimming the Sails (10/2021)

Michelle Kalkan -Even-Keeled (11/2021)


I’d like to start with a conversation from November of 2020 with my very first guest Mags Bujalski in Don’t Rock the Boat: Keeping Balance in Your Life.

I was fascinated with her strength. She is an amazing cancer survivor and spirited soul. She beat stage 4 Lymphoma at a young age and has shared her cancer journey on YouTube and Instagram.  

I started following her when I found her youtube channel on a search for cancer and wigs. I was amazed by her attitude and maturity dealing with such a serious life challenge like Stage 4 Lymphoma. Her vibe was just what I was trying to promote…positivity! It was so appreciated in a time I was holding my life together while going through my own diagnosis.

Mags has since shifted her focus to positivity, health and lifestyle. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with her and learn more about her story. She was such a powerful influence in my cancer journey and I will always be grateful to her for trusting me with her story.

Because this is my first recorded interview, it may sound a little raw or unpolished, yet the content still holds true and is what matters. It was a major step forward in helping so many of you with this podcast.


Then there was Roxanne Chaput in Ebb & Flow: Moving Through Life Changes from March 2021 Who gave us insight into figuring out what we really want from life.  to discover our true selves and true desires. The thing that we question when faced with our mortality.

Her mission is to inspire, ignite passion and empower the amazingness within one’s own self and create your best life – spiritually, personally and professionally with absolute purpose and clarity. There are things we are obligated to do in life but there’s always another option to how we feel about it, how we think about it and if we’re not happy what we can do about it.

You can say timing is everything, especially this episode! I was in the process of trying to figure out my life after cancer & then while working in a funeral home dealing with a pandemic.It was a definite reality check for me.  I didn’t want to be unhappy anymore at my job. My conversation with Roxanne really hit home and it forced me to Soul search and really understand how I could make this shift in my life. I remember being very emotional during this episode. there’s a lot of energy and power there. It was about the time that I decided I was going to quit my job and move away. crazy to think how fast everything moved once I started making those decisions.


In August 2021, I released That Sinking Feeling with Lindsay Miller. She really gave us visual ways to process events in our lives. She was able to break it down into smaller parts and explain the importance of being aware of how we’re thinking. Lindsay went through a lot in her life and made the same decisions for herself. She practices the same techniques and understands the value of living a better life.

Lindsey, a fellow podcaster and mindfulness coach,  was another great reference while I was processing the whole change in my world. There were a lot of stressors and I was trying to be more aware of where I was putting my focus. Stress can do a lot of things both mentally and physically to you. and when I got to the point where I couldn’t do that anymore I used these techniques that we talked about. 

She went through years of infertility, autoimmune disease, overwork and loss, She took her physical and emotional health to the breaking point.   She takes struggle and turns that around to empathize and connect with others. What a great way to look at our potential and how we get through life’s challenges. Making small adjustments and learning to work toward a calmer existence. Imagine how different life can be when you no longer have that sinking feeling and you are in the right mindset.

Lindsay is very knowledgeable and had such a presence that was so reassuring. I truly appreciate this episode with her.


Then came, Trimming the Sails, my episode with Maria Seville, in October 2021, we learned how scary life can be and how we can shut down when faced with bad news. we can’t run from our lives we have to face them. And I know as much as all of you how hard that is. It seems when you start working on these things sometimes life can become a little more difficult because of the past and the hold that it has on us. Maria gives us the steps to to take to focus on assisting us in transitioning to our new lives. She shared her story of her health challenges and what it did for her and how it affected her mind set. 

Now we know that when we are forced with our own mortality or just get stuck in a rut, we want to curl up in a ball and just disappear. but that isn’t an option long term. forcing yourself to get out and move and feel alive will help us heal and help us grow. Most importantly,our faith is the biggest part.

Maria gives us hope in finding the answers. Maria is a fitness, nutrition & lifestyle coach. Through her 7 simple and sustainable fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits you too can make changes in your life to be healthier and feel more fulfilled. To get the most out of your life.

The realization that her faith & health were her key to survival was triggered by a brain tumor and by her cancer diagnosis. Maria is a wonderful role model for overcoming life challenges and surpassing expectations. She is now living the life of her dreams by helping others do the same. She believes that once you honor your body, no matter what life throws at you, you will thrive in all aspects of your life.  Let your faith be bigger than your fear.


Finding balance in our lives is the key to feeling that peace that we desire. My guest Michelle Kalkan in the episode Even-Keeled, from November 2021, was so full of energy and optimism. Her cheerful outlook shows how she has been able to bounce back and overcome the life she had to create a life she loves. Michelle shared how she went through life and finally reached rock bottom when her health, finances and marriage were all failing. 

We talk about what is important for you to be focused on and how to make those changes. The power of friendship, someone to be accountable to, and supporting each other are all parts of keeping that balance. she found the way to be a survivor and thriver.  Through this series of events and focusing on gratitude, she found her happy place. That is what led her to her next chapter.

As Michelle shares, OOLA has been her life saver. living life with purpose  knowing where you need help and getting Back in Balance is crucial to having a well-rounded life. when you’re out of alignment. when your focus is solely on one part of your life and other parts fall to the side, that’s when you get that the uncomfortable feeling in your life. we all have decisions to make and we Have the opportunity to live our best life now. 

She inspires, guides & supports all women who have endured hardships & are now ready to begin living a life they look forward to waking up to.

She has directed her life to live the same way through the practice of OOLA. Oola means living life firing on all cylinders—joyful, wholehearted, and ready to take advantage whenever good times and opportunities appear

We all have situations in our lives that throw us out of balance. It’s what you do to move forward that makes the difference. 

I am thrilled I was able to bring all of these wonderful women into your lives. The positive feedback from these episodes has been unbelievable and I am so grateful to each and everyone of them. This experience has been a great reminder that we all can change our lives with the decisions we make.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. There are so many other outstanding guests that I didn’t get to talk about today. Perhaps I will recap those as well if you like this format.

It was great to revisit some of these really important episodes. The information is just as powerful now as it was when they were first released. 

We are all here sharing our stories, baring our raw emotions and being vulnerable in order to assure you you’re not alone.  That the potential to get through life and live your dreams exists. Every episode topic I bring you is intentional. to guide and support you, to Empower you to live your best life. To find the positivity even in those dark times.

I’m not saying we’ll never have challenges again because that’s not real life. But perhaps what you learn from this show will  guide you through those times and get you to the other side with a brighter future and the life of your dreams.

The specific links to the episodes are in the description. please take the time to listen to these episodes if you’ve not heard them yet. I guarantee you will have a much better Outlook and feel supported and empowered after hearing them. 

Listen to each important episode to learn more.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor! I would love to grow this amazing support community!



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