Rise and Shine: Transcending the Trauma of your Past

Charlene Madden-

Perseverance. Do you know the importance of pushing through your fears and the darkness? 

You are not alone in this struggle to find your inner peace. Charlene Madden is here to talk about her life and the darkness she lived through. The trauma she experienced and hopelessness she felt. She shares her struggle and her pursuit of a life of passion and purpose.

Her life was turned upside down at a very young age. Through many traumatic life events, she found herself in the darkest place yet. Her despair resonates with so many hurting people right now

What she did was very brave. She saved her own life. Now she is helping others through this struggle. Mental health is a very real issue and we need to treat it not with judgment, but with compassion like we do physical illness.

Are you ready to rise and shine and make the decision and embrace the knowledge that You Are Worth It, You Deserve It, and You Can Have It?  

“My goal is to just share my stories and my struggles in hopes that one person can relate, one person can connect, and one person can find hope. If I can save one life, then everything I’ve gone through has been worth it.”

I could totally relate to wearing the mask and portraying that image that people feel is acceptable while inside you are struggling with the reality and hurt. It is unfortunate that we have the stigma with mental illness and trauma. There’s suffering in that and you should be able to reach out for help. 

Charlene mentioned self-care and what it takes to get yourself out of that darkness and rise to the point where you can shine again and live your best life. It takes work. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that it’s easy. it’s a daily thing that has to be worked on. And I think it is now becoming the norm and acceptable to ask for that support.

So if you need help please reach out. Charlene offered her services if you’re to the point in your life where you feel like you’re stuck in that Darkness reach out and have somebody help you.  find that light in your life again. Learn to shine again because that is the life we’re supposed to live we’re not supposed to be stuck and suffer alone. 

If you are to the point in your life where you feel like you’re stuck in that darkness, reach out to Charlene for support.

You can connect with Charlene through her website


Charlene’s story started when she was 3 and a half, experiencing sexual abuse from her grandfather. After her sister had a nervous breakdown at 12, the truth came out and the grandparents divorced.

In high school, she began dealing with depression through self-harm. A school psychologist diagnosed her with bipolar and manic depression. She went on to graduate, move in with her high school sweetheart and have three children.

At 28/29 she reached another breakpoint with not having any coping skills, as she considered leaving the marriage and was drinking heavily. Upon leaving her marriage, she faced another relationship with drug addiction, alcoholism, and domestic abuse.

During a suicide attempt, her goodbye letter to her children is what saved her. She moved again and her partner eventually followed, who eventually left her. She later got informed that he shot and killed himself.

A few months after his death, she faced suicide again and decided to finally get some help. Eventually, a workshop with a friend is what prompted her to change her life and help save others.

Charlene makes the distinction that she knew other people experience abuse and suicidal thoughts, but hearing people share their stories in a raw, authentic way that made an impact. Having a purpose made living worth it.

Charlene’s advice for anyone struggling is you’re not alone and you’re not a bother. However, you do have to put in the work to heal.

Listen to this important episode to hear more.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor! I would love to grow this amazing support community!



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