Come Hell or High Water: Determination Through a Cancer Journey

Dorothy Paredes-


If you are facing a challenge whether it’s health-related or trauma, this show is full of hope and support. My guest today is a remarkable example of courage and determination. Dorothy Paredes, is here to explain how she faced Her cancer diagnosis at 26 and has fought this fight not once but three times. She replays her decisions in a raw conversation about life and survival. From side effects to the financial burden to the emotions she experienced from this diagnosis, she describes what her reality was and the power she gained by going through it.

Dorothy is an advocate for breast and ovarian cancer awareness. She has turned her personal struggles into making a difference for so many and authored her first book 26 & Fu¢ked in 2020. Dorothy started her organization the Atrium Foundation whose mission is to reduce or eliminate the mental impact of cancer by supporting financial needs and wellness care for cancer patients, co-survivors, and caregivers. No one should feel alone on this journey. Come hell or high water, this tough and determined woman decided to be a part of the change needed in the world of cancer.

“What I wanted to convey in my book was while my personal journey may be different than yours and the decisions I was making were different than yours- hopefully people can recognize the difficult decisions no matter what they are, the struggle and how they play out for you and how they traumatize you and know that we are not alone in that fight. We are not alone in that fight and that journey.”

Dorothy’s cancer journey is so inspirational because of what she has overcome. She shared how she took this challenge and turned it into something amazing. Her determination to get through her diagnosis and her courage to fight led her to making an impact on others going through this same struggle. Writing her book exposed her fears and trauma but also served to help her through self discovery and closure.

When she experienced the renewal in the Atrium at the hospital and then was inspired to  build her organization from that enlightened moment to create the support for others shows her compassion and strength.

With the creation of the Atrium Foundation and writing her book, she has been able to share there is hope and no one is alone on this journey.

Check out the website here.




You can find her book  “26 & Fu¢ked” on Amazon.  All proceeds go to the Atrium Foundation to support their mission.

Listen to this important episode to hear more.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor! I would love to grow this amazing support community!



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