Maiden Voyage: Creating New Life Chapters

Laura Kossoff-

Pack your bags. It’s time to go on your maiden voyage. Get ready to activate your dreams and create your new life chapter.

What does your new life chapter look like? Do you know where you want to go?

You don’t need to be afraid of change. Start by practicing new ways of thinking and living and to thrive through those transitions. Get renewed and refreshed today. Amplify the joy in your life and take care of yourself – mind, body and soul.

In this episode, we are discussing personal rejuvenation with my guest Laura Kossoff.

She has years of experience in the health and wellness field as a life coach, holistic practitioner, writer, speaker, and teacher. She has healed from her own chronic health issues and is the creator of a website for women living with fibromyalgia.

There is a lot of information that we covered, but the main theme was remembering self care & self compassion. It is essential to be kind to yourself as you go through any transition. Remember these things take time.

“I think it can happen at any age that we can make changes and adjustments and bring a lot more to it even as we get older. I think people think if they make a change it means that they’ve failed at what they were doing and I think it’s just changing direction. It’s just taking all the skills and all the knowledge and all the wisdom that you may have gained through what you were doing and you bring all that to your new chapter.” 

In order to move into this new chapter in life, we need a map. Something to help us through our changes.Laura offered her ideas about creating a life inventory and happiness blueprint.   Once we sort through our values & priorities, we are able to see how we can benefit the world a little easier. We can see what brings us joy. Even the small steps allow us to see the direction we need to go in a little better.

Laura is offering a free 30 min. discovery session.  Here is your link to take advantage Of this offer > Discovery Session with Laura

You can learn more about Laura on her website 

Laura Kossoff -As the founder of Blooming Life Possibilities, she focuses on helping women thrive through transitions and new life chapters, supporting her clients in activating their dreams, finding balanced wellness and living with greater purpose.

As a woman who has healed immensely from chronic health issues, she approaches her work with compassion, empathy and gratitude. It is Laura’s mission and sincere passion to help others find healing, discover their authentic paths and live with joy.

Fibro Healing Solutions, and her podcast Blooming Transformations

Listen to this important episode to hear more.

I am so glad you’ve joined me in this safe space to recharge and feel supported regardless of your situation.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor! I would love to grow this amazing support community!



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