The Power Of Choice: Building Mental Resilience

Lena Scullard – Are you feeling overwhelmed and stuck in your life? Do you feel like your circumstances are controlling you? If you answered “yes” and you are ready to take back control of your life, this is the episode for you! Lena discusses the power of choice and how it can help you thriveContinue reading “The Power Of Choice: Building Mental Resilience”

Collision Course: How A Brush with Death Led to a Soul Centered Future

Jennifer Rurka – Is your life on a collision course? Sometimes it takes a life altering event to truly appreciate the value of life. For my guest, Jennifer Rurka, her near-death experience or epiphany was the wake-up call that led to a drastic and complete shift in her perspective and a new understanding of life. Continue reading “Collision Course: How A Brush with Death Led to a Soul Centered Future”

Wake Up: Let Go of Trying to be Perfect and Release Stress and Anxiety

Vicki Smith – Are you exhausted from striving to be perfect?  When you push to be perfect, you may put yourself under more stress by trying to control things and over time this can potentially lead to chronic illness.  In this episode, we are exploring the impact of perfectionism. Get practical strategies to release stressContinue reading “Wake Up: Let Go of Trying to be Perfect and Release Stress and Anxiety”

Sail On: Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness and Letting Go

Meagan O’Nan – Do you know the impact that harboring feelings of anger and resentment can have on your well being? When you get too caught up in your life, you may not take time to consider how these negative emotions are affecting you. Choosing to forgive and find courage within yourself has the powerContinue reading “Sail On: Finding Freedom Through Forgiveness and Letting Go”

Stay Anchored Meditation-A Time for New Beginnings: Finding Hope in the Springtime

Shed the cold winter months and find warmth and hope in the new season. Immerse yourself in this guided meditation to become aware of the renewal of life. This is an awakening of your presence and a chance for you to grow personally. Ep. 104 Springtime is a time of hope and of new beginnings.Continue reading “Stay Anchored Meditation-A Time for New Beginnings: Finding Hope in the Springtime”

Racing Toward Your Passion: A Healthy Cancer Comeback

Fitz Koehler – Get ready for a wild run through Fitz Koehler’s inspiring journey. Hear her raw and real story as she bravely battled her breast cancer diagnosis and found her triumphant comeback. It’s an honest and sometimes humorous tale of survival – you don’t want to miss this one! Ep. 103 If you’ve beenContinue reading “Racing Toward Your Passion: A Healthy Cancer Comeback”

Stay Anchored Meditation: Release Your Inner Storm of Stress

Lorie- Don’t let stress take over your life! Dive deeper into yourself with this guided visualization for relaxation and self-healing. Ep. 98 Stress is a common problem that affects everyone at some point in their lives. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce or eliminate the effects of stress on our body and mind.The physicalContinue reading “Stay Anchored Meditation: Release Your Inner Storm of Stress”

Stay Anchored Meditation: Finding Compassion

Lorie- While difficulties come along with life, remind yourself of how strong you have been in the past and that you have the capacity to make it through.  Embrace the hardships you encounter, for overcoming these will bring about new strength and more compassion. Ep. 93 The last few episodes of the year are alwaysContinue reading “Stay Anchored Meditation: Finding Compassion”

Stay Anchored Meditation: Drifting Off to Sleep in Paradise

Lorie- Welcome to this guided sleep meditation. In this dreamy visualization, I will gently guide you into a restful and rejuvenating deep sleep while you visit a warm, tropical paradise. A perfect way to comfort you and surround you in warmth as you settle into sleep. Release the distractions of the day. Relax your bodyContinue reading “Stay Anchored Meditation: Drifting Off to Sleep in Paradise”

Stay Anchored Meditation: Healing Your Body

Lorie- I want to welcome you, my dear friends, to the second Stay Anchored Meditation. This guided healing meditation is designed to strengthen your immune system through visualization. Create a feeling of peace and calm throughout your body, release stress and pain by embracing the energy of health, happiness, and well-being. Through your healing journey,Continue reading “Stay Anchored Meditation: Healing Your Body”