Stay Anchored Meditation: Drifting Off to Sleep in Paradise

Lorie- Welcome to this guided sleep meditation. In this dreamy visualization, I will gently guide you into a restful and rejuvenating deep sleep while you visit a warm, tropical paradise. A perfect way to comfort you and surround you in warmth as you settle into sleep. Release the distractions of the day. Relax your bodyContinue reading “Stay Anchored Meditation: Drifting Off to Sleep in Paradise”

Stay Anchored Meditation: Healing Your Body

Lorie- I want to welcome you, my dear friends, to the second Stay Anchored Meditation. This guided healing meditation is designed to strengthen your immune system through visualization. Create a feeling of peace and calm throughout your body, release stress and pain by embracing the energy of health, happiness, and well-being. Through your healing journey,Continue reading “Stay Anchored Meditation: Healing Your Body”

The Power You Have Inside: Connecting to your Inner Peace

Four Incredible Women- Ep. 76 Not every moment of every day will be rainbows and sunshine. As much as we’d like it to be, the reality is it’s not. But when we have the option to choose between feeling miserable or finding a way to make peace with the day and pull out the partsContinue reading “The Power You Have Inside: Connecting to your Inner Peace”

Destination Optimism: Keeping Positive with Chronic Illness

Leann Stickel- Optimism. This single world can be your ticket to having a totally different life.  We need to remember to not be limited by our circumstances. We have the opportunity to make changes in how we live mentally and physically. To improve our quality of life. Leann Stickel joins me in this episode toContinue reading “Destination Optimism: Keeping Positive with Chronic Illness”

Maiden Voyage: Creating New Life Chapters

Laura Kossoff- Pack your bags. It’s time to go on your maiden voyage. Get ready to activate your dreams and create your new life chapter. What does your new life chapter look like? Do you know where you want to go? You don’t need to be afraid of change. Start by practicing new ways ofContinue reading “Maiden Voyage: Creating New Life Chapters”

Avoiding the Breakwall: Saving our Relationships

Branch Isole- In this week’s episode, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, we get into relationships and how to work through the turbulent times to avoid a catastrophe. Learning ways to find calm water and peace in your life. Going through any significant health or life event challenges even the best of us. There areContinue reading “Avoiding the Breakwall: Saving our Relationships”

Seas the Day: Diving Deep Inside Yourself

Megan Warren- What do you do when you feel like you are being pulled down in life? If you are ready to try something new, to take the plunge, dive deep inside yourself to discover who you are, you are going to really enjoy listening to my guest Megan Warren. She joins me to helpContinue reading “Seas the Day: Diving Deep Inside Yourself”