Navigating the Storm: How to Achieve Post-Traumatic Growth and Inner Peace

Danielle Matthews –

Feeling overwhelmed after a traumatic event? This story of post-traumatic growth through meditation will show you how inner peace and healing are possible.

Ep. 97

Danielle Matthews was 23 years old when she suffered a life-altering brain injury after being hit by a drunk driver. She was told by a doctor that this was her “new normal” and she would need to adjust her life around it. 

She felt overwhelmed and depressed.  She was stuck and attempted to push through her injury and go back to work, but it was too difficult for her to handle.

Danielle decided it was time to take control of her emotional wellbeing and focus on understanding her inner self. She began meditating regularly and soon realized it was helping her to manage her symptoms.

Life is teaching you and is saying in this moment, look at how you’re responding. Observe yourself for a second and realize that there’s something that’s not serving you, that’s causing you to have an emotional response to what’s in front of you.

It takes some responsibility. It’s not always comfortable to kind of look at yourself off and have to analyze yourself. But I’m telling you, if you want your life to change, you’ve got to look in the mirror, and you’ve got to take some responsibility, and you have to say, okay, what can I shift? What can I release? What’s not serving me? 

Her story ultimately shows how important it is to take care of our emotional wellbeing and how powerful inner work can be. It is a story of hope and inspiration.

Danielle went on a journey of self-discovery where she realized the lenses we view life through can skew our perspective. She explored ways to raise her vibration as well as attract her desired outcomes through meditation. Danielle learned how cellular repair was able to aid in her rapid recovery from injury. This reflective experience left her with a new focus and an appreciation for life. We explore various concepts related to PTSG – Post Traumatic Stress Growth (unlike PTSD), building resilience, and seeking purpose in life.

If you’re looking for an empowering story of resilience and courage, listen to this episode with Danielle- learn how she used meditation to guide her post-traumatic growth and achieve inner peace!

How does Danielle Sail Through Life?

Her words of advice…

That’s easy. It’s a simple question asking, what is this challenge making possible? Because in life, everything is always unfolding for us.  I’m bulletproof now. I know that whatever unfolds, I’ll get through it. I will learn something about what’s within me, or something will get drawn to me to help me overcome it. What’s this challenge making possible? And over the last several years, my business has gone global because of the pandemic, I was forced online. And it’s incredible that’s how you and I are talking now, because I looked here and I said, okay, something else is opening up. This is going to be exciting. Where are we going? And that’s it guys, you can sail through life easily when you keep that perspective and ask that question.

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I’m happy to be here. Lorie. Thanks for having me on. Yes, it has been a wild journey I have been on for the last ten years, so I’m really excited to be able to kind of share what I’ve learned along the way and help other people with what they have going on. So, I got to take it back about about a decade. It was about ten years ago. I was in my I was 23, so in my early 20s, living life, you know, not really concerned about much, enjoying myself.

I was teaching out in Colorado. I was snowboarding on the weekends. I was having a good time. And over a summer break, I was involved in a car accident. I got hit by a drunk driver, and I sustained a brain injury in the accident. And my world just I mean, it turned it was, like, 180 degrees. I couldn’t concentrate for more than, like, ten minutes without getting overwhelmed. I couldn’t handle input, like light or noise.

It all felt overwhelming to me, like, just natural light, having a window open. It felt like someone was shining a flashlight in my eye. That’s how overwhelming any sort of input was. And I had severe migraines. I’ve been an athlete my whole life. Lori so typically, you kind of push through an injury, or you just keep going, and you’re like, oh, I’m going to get this thing repaired. But I attempted to do that and go back to work, and it was so clear so very quickly that I couldn’t remember the kids names. I couldn’t handle the lights in the classroom, the noise, and it was just like I was writing to do lists, and then I wasn’t writing the same one again.

I’d go to grade papers, I already graded them like I was a mess. Yeah. And so, the doctors, too, they had kind of said to me, like, well, this will clear up in a month. And then when it wasn’t clearing and that’s why I had attempted to just push through with work, but then it wasn’t clearing up. I couldn’t serve. And the kids in my position, I went on a medical leave, and they told me, we’ll give it three months.

After that, still same issues. Nothing was changing. They weren’t really offering me any options. It was kind of like, sit tight, the brain will just heal itself. And that’s what the Western kind of community was telling me. And I’ve always looked at other modalities, too my mom, her dad. So, my grandfather was a westernly trained doctor. He was a long doctor, a physician in Northern Virginia, and so he connected us with great physicians to be able to support.

But again, there wasn’t really much for us to do. There were really no recommendations. So, my mom had owned a yoga studio, and she had gotten to know a lot of alternative health practitioners through that. Annapolis, Maryland and so we were kind of tapping into that network as well, and they were offering things like hyperbaric oxygen treatment and neurobiofeedback and changing supplements, was doing craniosacral work. I mean, all these things we were really trying.

I think my mom was driving me somewhere almost every day. Yeah, I mean, when you lose your health, all the focus was on that because ultimately, I couldn’t go back to work, so I lost my job, and I therefore lost my ability to live on my own because I didn’t have income coming in. And at 23, I didn’t really have much saved cushioned, something like that happening. So, I was back at home and just full time focused on healing. And I’ll never forget Lori, kind of a really big moment in all of this was one year after the accident.

My neurologist, I was in for my one year appointment, and he said, Look, Danielle, with this type of injury sustained, your body has done all the healing it’s going to do. And he said to me, this is your new normal. You need to adjust your life around these symptoms, and you need to start moving on. And I remember thinking to myself, like, I’m 24 years old. I can’t handle anything. Yeah, thank goodness. Something within me was like, well, you’re fired.

At least that tenacity was still there internally. But the reality of the injury was, like, so intense. I had fallen into a really deep depression. I was dealing with anxiety. I was having panic attacks because I didn’t know what my future was going to look like, let alone, like, an hour from now, because I didn’t know how to be feeling. So, it was really hard to plan anything. And I remember after he said that to me, something switched inside of me. And I said, okay, Danielle, you got to pull yourself out of this, because the physical side of things I can’t change at the moment, even though it’s convinced that eventually I would, I said, right now, that’s there.

But the emotional side, I said, you’ve got some control of this. And it was like, just this. All I got is inner work. And the ebook I just wrote called Mind Control, is really an insight into the process I took myself through because I realized it was all in my head. And I said to myself, okay, I have this external world that has put all these things into me, right? The accident happened, I’ve got this injury, and I said, okay, but my internal response to that is going to actually shape the reality I live in on a day to day basis.

And up to that point, I had been frustrated, I had been angry, I had been kind of not accepting that this was my new normal. I had really been pushing. And so, my reality was one where I was anxious and depressed and it wasn’t good. And so, I said to myself, okay, Danielle, you’ve got new rules on your life here and this external world happened the way that it did. How can you find happiness? Because to me, a good life, a fulfilled life, is one where you’re happy, you’re joyful, you can enjoy the moment.

And I said, I’m going to figure that out, because that’s an internal decision. And I started to just observe what was kicking up. Thoughts were not helpful. And I started to realize that there was something that was there before, during, and after every thought. There was this other I don’t know how to describe it, other than saying there was a bigger part of me. And I started to meditate around this time, and I started to tap into this being that I truly am.

I had been so identified, Lorie, up to that point, with who my mind said I was, this makes sense. I don’t want to get too esoterical, people, but it’s like, yeah. And it’s like the Danielle that I thought I was was the snowboarder, the teacher, the higher achiever at school, the friend, the daughter, right? And all of that had been wiped away. And so I was left with what felt like an empty container. And then I went, Holy cow, I am the container, I am the sky. It doesn’t matter what weather is going through, it’s temporary, and things are always going to be moving.

And I said, okay, if I can rest back in that space knowing that that’s truly who I am, I can find peace. And so it was really the practice of meditation that helped me to find that inner peace. And as I started to do the meditation, I would do them throughout the day. I honestly was using them to help me sleep and to help me when my brain was coming on. So I was using meditation as, like, a symptom manager, not realizing that it was this tool that was, like, rewiring my brain and creating this peace inside of me and Lori. It was probably a couple of months into having this routine of meditation that I went, whoa, I haven’t had a panic attack in a long time.

My anxiety is just not there. I’m finding this level of happiness. And I started a gratitude journal, something that I had been really struggling with, with finding something to be grateful for. But I just told myself, look, you just have to look at the world differently, Danielle. Like, there are things in your everyday life that you can express gratitude for. And I’d stare at that piece of paper, I told myself, before you go to bed, one sentence.

And it was this internal discipline. I just kind of took responsibility and what can I control internally? And eventually I would just be flooded with things. I saw the sunrise. I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time called me. I had the most delicious strawberries in my salad. There was always something to be grateful for. Exactly. It’s the simple things in life. It truly is. And it’s like I got pulled and put on the sidelines of life.

And it was really an interesting perspective to just it was like I was watching friends and family and the news and just felt like everybody was on this, like, track where they didn’t realize they were just, like, doing this program day in and day out, like the same sort of things, and they weren’t seeing the beauty that was all around them. And here I was, like, all I could pay attention to was the beauty because I had been forced to just be in the present moment again, because I didn’t have the option.

You know, I couldn’t really plan out the future. I didn’t know what it was going to look like. And I just had to enjoy the present. And I will tell you what, that is a gift that I wish upon everyone to be able to receive. Because when you can just be with what’s in front of you and realize it’s all unfolding for you. So this is something that this has been my biggest lesson through all of this, Lori, is that life is unfolding, in a way, for your own personal development.

And I do know that every challenge we go through, we drew it in for a reason. I truly believe that there is divinity in all things. And when we have this challenge in front of us, this obstacle, it’s because we’re getting prepared for the next door to open in our life. But you have to either learn to release something, learn some skill or power you have within you. You have to change in order to get to a different version of yourself, a new door to open a new chapter.

And so there’s a challenge that is put in front of you for a reason and so that you can become more. And it’s really gearing you up for that. And when you can look at life in that way and embrace that, it changes everything, the perspective that you have for what’s in front of you. This is something that nobody talks about, Lorie, and it’s so fascinating to me. I didn’t know what it was until it happened to me. And that’s post traumatic growth.

Okay? So for those of you listening, if you’ve not heard this term before, this is when people become more after what they’ve been through. I think you all can think of examples. I myself, I’m sharing you a story of myself that occurring where you go through something traumatic, but it literally causes you to shift your perspective, to have internal growth, and to become a better version of you because you went through it.

And I think that even with PTSD I mean, I had PTSD after my accident, and I by no means want to say, like, oh, it’s not a thing, and just change the way you’re looking at it. It’s very real visceral response you have. I used to get panic attacks when something unexpected would happen when I was driving. But what I started to shift and realize was, wait a second, this all is unfolding for my benefit.

And so I need to not be a victim to it. And that is a big step to take and to say, okay, I’ve got some responsibility here. I can have some control over this. And it’s empowering to say, all right, what role do I have to play here where I can say, no, this is unfolding for my benefit. So what am I meant to learn here? What’s this challenge making possible? And those are different questions versus when we’re in the victim state, well, why did this happen to me? I didn’t deserve this.

I could very easily have played that card all day long, and people would have agreed with me. You didn’t deserve to get hit by a drunk driver. You don’t deserve a brain injury. Right. You weren’t doing anything wrong. But that doesn’t make it any better. And it’s very disempowering when you’re kind of put into the space of, oh, I’m a victim, because you’ve given the power to some outside source. And when you can take it back and you can say, okay, I’m going to grow through what I’m going through and have that post traumatic growth that we’re talking about.

Guys, it’s huge. It is so huge. And it’s liberating to know, like, wait a second, this is happening for my human experience to be even more for the story of my life to unfold in an unexpected way. Like, I look at challenges as like, okay, I’m shifting gears. Like, life is taking me in a different direction, and we need to just not have the preferences we have right when we prefer, oh, I liked how things were in the past.

Well, the past isn’t here anymore. We got to look at what’s in front of us and then work with that and get excited about where it might be unfolding and going, yeah, it’s hard to get perspective, I think, because we have here’s what I learned, and we have I call it like sunglasses. Okay, so stay with me with this analogy in watching everybody. When I had my brain intrigued, I was seeing people interacting and reacting to things that were just mundane, everyday things, right? But they took it personally, and it started to become predictable.

The people in my life, my loved ones that I was around and watching most, it was like, oh. And they always seemed to respond in a certain way, and I was like, Interesting. This is really interesting. And then I realized I’m not immune to it. I have this thing going on as well. And the visual I had is it’s like, wow, people have sunglasses on. They’re not actually seeing what’s in front of them for what it is they’re looking at it through some lens.

And that lens might be a past experience that they haven’t been able to let go of, where they were betrayed or they were abandoned or they weren’t loved in the way they should have been or felt they should have been, or maybe they’re not feeling worthy. Everybody has a different lens on. A lot of us have multiple lenses on, but when we view something through the lens of I’m not good enough, or I’m never heard or I’m not lovable or just fear, then whatever is unfolding in front of us, we have very different reactions to it.

And I think that people don’t realize that that lens, the thing that’s unfolding for them, is actually doing it so that they can realize they have those sunglasses on, so they can remove it, so they can release it, so they can be freed from that, because that’s just some memory from the past. That’s just something that the mind has kind of inserted, maybe from childhood, maybe from a trauma, whatever it is.

And they have to realize. And that’s why life is offering these opportunities. It might be a person, it might be a situation, it might be a job where you’re getting triggered. And what I would say, Lori, is people have to realize the trigger is the teacher. Life is teaching you and is saying in this moment, look at how you’re responding. Observe yourself for a second and realize that there’s something that’s not serving you, that’s causing you to have an emotional response to what’s in front of you.

And my journey has been trying to figure out what sunglasses I have on and to remove them every time that I can. And so in doing that, it’s like my load has been lightened. You know, I have, like, raised my own vibration, if that makes sense. I’m in a state of joy and happiness so much more often because every opportunity that I find where I’m in some sort of internal relationships allow for the most opportunities to see what sunglasses you have on. Right. Your partner did something that you didn’t want them to do or whatever, and you’re having some internal reaction, and it’s like, okay, this is not them.

It’s me. But again, it takes some responsibility. It’s not always comfortable to kind of look at yourself off and have to analyze yourself. But I’m telling you, if you want your life to change, you got to look in the mirror, and you got to take some responsibility, and you have to say, okay, what can I shift? What can I release? What’s not serving me? After I started meditating, I started kind of diving into, like I thought, wow, yogis are incredible, that they develop meditation.

And I wanted to know what else they knew. And I had a teacher tell me one time, she said, danielle, groups of souls travel together to create weather patterns within one another so that they can find these unfinished seeds that aren’t serving them right. As I’m calling sunglasses. They call them these karmic seeds. And just like the right weather has to occur outside for a seed to sprout, the right weather has to occur externally for us to realize something that’s unsettled within us.

But we’re so quick to blame the external circumstance because we were fine until that circumstance happened. Right. But once you realize that this is really the opportunity, I mean, to me, it’s self empowering and yeah, it’s not easy. I’m not going to sit here and say like, oh, yeah, it’s really a pleasure to go through your own junk. It is. But then the person you become in the process is like, that’s what’s so incredible.

And I’ll tell you what. I mean, through what I went through. I remember I went to a psychotherapist, and he said to me, I was seeing him for almost like, two years, and he said, Danielle, you are getting a degree in how do you call it? Like, your emotional acuity is like, through the roof. Like, you are going to be such a better partner, a better friend, a better mother if you choose to have children.

He said your emotional intelligence that’s what he said, your emotional intelligence is going to just grow through this. And he’s so right, because I was forced to understand myself. I really honestly, Lori, I just have such compassion for everybody else now because I’m like, oh, they just got sunglasses on. No. Yeah. Oh, my gosh. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, and I want to be clear about that because I it’s like I tapped into this universal law, and only in hindsight did I realize what I did, now that I understand it.

And so when I had all these internal shifts happening, right, as I said, I was getting lighter and lighter, and I was just happier and happier. My physical injury was still 100% there. Chronic migraines, couldn’t handle input. All of that’s still there. And yet I’m really happy. And there’s something called the law of attraction. I think everyone’s heard of that, but that’s like, secondary. The primary law is the law of vibration, and it states that you attract in that which you’re a vibrational match for.

And so we see people that are constantly, always having problems, right? And you’re like, what is going on? Why is there always something? And it’s like, that’s the vibrational state they’re in. And as we just learned, life is actually giving them opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to remove their lenses, deal with the stuff that’s holding them back and become more, but until they realize that they’re going to be kind of stuck in this lower downward spiral.

And then we also see people that just constantly seem to be winning, right. One thing after another opens up for them. They’re in a higher vibrational state, right? They’re realizing how things are unfolding, and they continue to step into more. And so for myself, as I was in this space of gratitude and joy, they’re very high vibrations. And my family, we got a phone call from a student of my mom’s that was an acupuncturist, and she literally said, I’ve come across a breakthrough.

I’m using it in my practice. It’s helping every one of my clients. And she said, it’s helping all of them in different ways because it’s going down to the cellular level, and it’s amplifying the signal so that the body can repair itself, starting with the cells. And she said, it doesn’t matter if the cell is in the liver, the lung, the kidney, you know, the skin. And she said, with the brain, I I truly believe it would pass the blood brain barrier, and this can signal repair in Danielle’s brain.

And I thought it sounded too good to be true. I’ll be honest with you. I was like, okay, I think your friend’s involved in a scam, right? I totally blew this woman off. And my degree is in biology. I didn’t mention that. And so she’s talking about something called redox signaling molecules. And I’m like redox. What is that? And I had no context. We hadn’t learned about this, and so I blew it off. But my mom, so intuitively, was like, no, this is it, Danielle. And so she said, if you’re not going to drink it, I’m going to drink it.

And so it’s just these molecules come in a liquid. It’s like, you drink two to 4oz in the morning, and at night, it looks like water. It tastes a little bit like pool water. And my mom started drinking it, and like, six weeks into using this, she had bone on bone in every top, knuckle in her hand, and she couldn’t make a fist, and she was in such discomfort. Six weeks of drinking this, she’d full range of motion back in her hands.

And I watched it happen, and I’m like, it’s got to be a placebo. It couldn’t have been that stuff. But then my dad started using it because he’s like, there’s no way she imagined that away. Like, she was in such discomfort. And so he started using it, and within ten days, my dad, who he works out every day, he’s a big athlete. He had a career ending injury, though, to his knee 30 years prior. He was a big football player, and his knee, he was, like, literally running without a knee brace.

Within ten days, the inflammation was less. He was just, like, feeling really good. And he said to me, Danny, there’s something to this. And he started to do the research, and he came back, and he said, this is a huge field of science. This isn’t some company that invented some product. He said, redox signaling is a massive field. It’s just new. You didn’t learn about it in school. And he said, I truly believe this is the missing link.

This cannot hurt you. There’s no toxicity. It won’t contraindicate with the medicine you’re on. Just try it. And I thought, all right, well, there’s some logic there. I still thought they were wasting their money. I was still convinced this stuff was I’m not real. And they were both happy. But I started drinking this stuff, Lorie, and it wasn’t immediate like it was for my parents. It was the third month, so I was 90 days into drinking this.

And that pounding that had been relentless stopped. And for the first time in two years, my head felt like normal. I didn’t have that pressure. I didn’t have the pounding. I could focus again. It was like my clarity came back. I could get the words out I wanted. And I was still sensitive to noise and light. I don’t want it to make it sound like, oh, my God. She was healed, but there was progress and progress that I had been told wouldn’t happen.

And I got so excited. And my cognitive therapist, I’d been seeing her weekly, and she said, Danielle, I’ve worked with brain injury for 30 years. And she said, I’ve never seen such a rapid recovery so far out from someone’s initial trauma. She said something like this, it doesn’t happen. And she said, what the hell is that stuff you started drinking? And I’ll never forget sitting in her office, and I was like, Debbie, I have no idea. I thought it was saltwater. I said, I don’t know what it is. And she said, well, obviously it’s not saltwater. Let’s figure it out, because my other clients need to know.

And she was the catalyst for me learning. And I just lit up. I got on a call with a gentleman named Dr. David Silverman. He’s on the medical board with this company, Asia. They’re the ones that make the liquid redox. And he was, like, totally unfazed by my repair story. He was just like, oh, yeah? Well, how much were you drinking, and how long did it take? And I was like, what does this doctor know?

Doctor has given me, like, a life sentence. And he goes on to explain, like, these molecules. He’d been working with them for several years, and he said, there’s not a health challenge. I haven’t seen it touch because they’re just going into that person’s body and helping that body repair where needed. And I was blown away, and I started to dive into all the research behind it. And I also, over the years, started working with more quantum healers, people that work on the energy system of the body, the vital energy body.

They understand the body beyond. Like, biology takes you from the skin in, right? And these quantum healers, they’re really looking at the vital energy body and just the energy of the system and everything’s energy, right? So when I started working with them, it was really eye opening, because they’re able to see a shift in the energy of the body and this higher vibration that happens. And when I started really kind of looking at that and going, okay, well, in the quantum world, everything’s connected, and it’s all energy and reductance and oxidants are just negatively charged. Molecules are reductance, guys, meaning they have an extra electron.

And oxidants are positively charged, so they can take on an electron. And everything in the quantum world is just electron transfer. It’s just energy transfer. And that’s what’s going on here. We’re basically putting more energy into the body, more signaling into the body. And this is so profound because your system makes less of these molecules as it gets older. And so your system isn’t able to repair as quickly you can’t communicate as effectively.

And so when you add this in, it’s just like the communication comes back, and it’s like going from having 1 bar service on your cell phone to five bars. I know. Yeah. And so it’s interesting. Lori, too, I truly believe this is why every challenge, like, we’re all being uniquely prepared for the next chapter. Like, I didn’t know I got my biology degree so that I had the awareness of the power of this technology.

I didn’t know I was teaching so that I would be in a position that I could educate people about this technology. I didn’t know I had my brain injury so I could go through a healing journey where I could come across this breakthrough and then be able to educate the masses that this is an option out there. And it’s just like when I started to get better, I started to think to myself, what do I want to do?

You know? I mean, I was looking at the world totally differently, and I thought, I want to do something with purpose. I want to make sure I’m enjoying each and every moment because tomorrow is not guaranteed. And I wanted to have flexibility in my life. I didn’t want to be behind a computer nine to five type of thing. And my mom was the punch. She said, Danielle, I really think you’re meant to share this technology with the masses.

And I was like, what? She said, no, you you can partner with this company. And I didn’t really understand what she was talking about. Right? I don’t understand business. I’m a scientist. Like, that that’s me. And she said, Just come. I want you to to meet them. And I got to meet the founder of the company. And I was like, I had goosebumps for 8 hours listening to this man talk about the vision they had for this and how originally this was something they were selling to a pharmaceutical company, and that company was going to shelve it.

And they morally couldn’t walk away with the money knowing that it wouldn’t get out to other people and that they shut it down with the group that was. Currently using it, their beta groups. And I thought, wow, these people have really strong integrity. Like, if they hadn’t said no, where would I be? It was honestly the thought I was thinking about myself, and then I thought, well, gosh, they need good people to get the word out because it’s not coming out through a traditional route.

And I thought, I would love to be part of something where they’re putting people first and they’re wanting to really be a positive force in the world and touch humanity on a big scale. And so, yeah, I set out to start sharing and Lori, it’s been unbelievable. It’s been seven years now, and I have gotten to meet people from around the world. I’ve gotten to help people on nearly every single continent learn about this for themselves, whether it’s their personal health.

A lot of times it’s a loved one that we’re kind of getting this for. And I’ve also met the most incredible people that want to be part of this mission of getting the word out. And I’ve developed into someone that I have to look back. It’s like you need like, a telescope to look back and see the person I was the day of my accident, the person I am now. Ten years later, I have grown so much, and I really attribute it to the lessons I learned with just the mental toughness, the mind control that we talked about, and allowing myself to do that inner work to then get to a point where I attracted in what I needed.

And I now realize that at any moment I can attract in what I need. And I want everyone to understand that. You have the power within to shift your external world. And it’s a process, right? You have to first realize what the world’s trying to teach you go through those lessons and then you understand that you have this power within that is going to determine the vibration you hold, and thus the people, places, things, opportunities that show up on your path.

And I promise you, I’ve seen it again and again and again, and it is very real, but it does take some inner work. It’s really cool. Science is always evolving, and we’re moving into a really fascinating era where I think we can look at health in a different way and sort of shift the narrative on oh, you need a pill to mask that symptom. Time out. What if we had something that could go down and fix the root of the issue?

So we don’t even have that symptom anymore, so then we don’t even need that medication. And that’s honestly the space I’ve been playing in now for over seven years, and it’s really exciting. And if people are listening and are interested, I would love for you to reach out so I can give you some more information to just learn what it is. Because in my opinion, knowledge is power and we don’t know what we don’t know.

And so learning about something isn’t saying yes. It’s just saying, well, let me walk into the door, like, through the door. Let me open it and see what’s in here, and maybe I want to stay in that room, and maybe I don’t. But you don’t know what you don’t know. So I I just I have constantly stayed open because I was so wrong about this when it first crossed my path that that, again was a lesson for me.

Daniel, you need to stay open and put your judgments aside and just say, humble yourself to say, well, you don’t know everything. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I really don’t know. And I stay open to what’s in front of me, because I do believe everything. Like, people aren’t listening to this by mistake. You know what I mean? The journey you’ve gone on, Lorie, to be in a position to have this for us to meet, there’s no coincidences.

Yeah, well said. For people going through cancer. I’ve worked with so many, and it’s a lot. I mean, it’s a lot to take that in and to accept that that’s part of your journey and something that you’re going to need to overcome and become more through. It’s a lot. And especially like, the medical world just starts throwing things at you. It’s scary. There’s a lot there. What I offer people in that situation is I say, look, trust your intuition as to what route you want to take, and also realize that you have the power to choose and you should advocate for yourself.

I mean, I realized with the medical community, can you imagine if I just accepted what that doctor told me? Yeah, totally different. And so I just encourage everybody to listen to medical advice, and it’s there for a reason, and there’s so much power in what we have these days. But also, my grandfather was the first to say, they didn’t teach me nutrition in medical school. They didn’t teach me about how what you eat impacts your health.

It wasn’t a course. And I just think we’re learning so much more. And honestly, knowledge, I think that previous generations, way back, they knew the power of the food we eat and how we can supplement the body, but with the redox, with the ACA. What I love is that it’s native to you. You’re literally just replenishing your system with something you had more of when you were young, and so it won’t contraindicate.

Like, you can take it through any protocol that you’re doing. And I have a lot of people do that, and it’s amazing. I mean, some are not losing their hair. They’re feeling good through everything they’re going through. And I just think if you can just help your body to fight this is like keeping your immune system even stronger through what you’re dealing with, or if you’ve gone through something.

And like you said, the dust is salad lean and you’re trying to get back your health. To me, this is, like, the most powerful thing to put in there’s. Some Naturopathic doctors I work with that literally their protocol with their clients is 90 days of redox, because they say, look, if we can just increase the cellular signaling in your body, your body is going to repair itself. It’s going to do the heavy lifting if we can get it, figuring out where the damage is.

And after 90 days, they go, okay, what’s left? Because that means maybe you’re deficient in some mineral, or we need to maybe supplement with some vitamin D or whatever it is to get the system. Because there’s some material that’s needed, right. Like, this is not nutrition. There’s, like, the construction workers coming to the job site, so you’ve got a lot of damage, or your body is going through something.

There’s no harm in putting more construction workers on the job site, and eventually they might need another material right. That’s not present. So that’s really the analogy that I have for it, and that safety is what has made me so solid. That’s easy. It’s a simple question asking, what is this challenge making possible? Because in life, everything is always unfolding for us, even, like now when a challenge opens up, or like the pandemic, right. When that started to set in, I remember calling my sister Lorie, and I remember saying to her, wow, now the whole world gets to go through what I went through, where he died.

And I started laughing, and I said, but you all don’t have a brain injury to go on top of it. She started laughing. She says, I never thought we’d laugh about your brain injury. And I said, It’s incredible to have like, I’m bulletproof now. I know that whatever unfolds, I’ll get through it. I will learn something about what’s within me, or something will get drawn to me to help me overcome it. And I simply like when that pandemic said and I literally said, well, what’s this challenge making possible?

And over the last several years, my business has gone global because of the pandemic, I was forced online. And it’s incredible that’s how you and I are talking now, because I looked here and I said, okay, something else is opening up. This is going to be exciting. Where are we going? And that’s just guys, you can sail through life easily when you keep that perspective and ask that question back at you. Lorie yeah.

I’d say, Guys, if you want some information danielle, there’s a little button there that says Contact me. If you click that, that directly messages me, and I can reach out to educate you and Lori, everybody. I’d love to gift my ebook to, so I’ll make sure that everybody can yeah. Yeah. I hope that it can help others. It kind of goes deeper into that sunglasses thing, which to me is everything.

Yeah. You bet. You bet.

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Hello and welcome to Sailing Through Life! My name is Lorie. I am a 2-time melanoma cancer survivor and a sailor - in my heart and on the water. I want to be a beacon of light to others with life challenges and be an inspiration to stay positive while going through these life-altering events. Join me as I set sail on this new adventure... Sailing Through Life.

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