Unraveling Life: Overcoming Fear to Unleash Your Power

Harmony Woodington –

Make these goals from a place of love and gratitude towards yourself, not thinking of yourself as lacking and not enough, and doing that to improve. Because if you try to improve from a place of self loathing and being hard on yourself, you’re not going to have the motivation and drive because you’re telling yourself you’re not worthy by beating yourself up.

Ep. 99

Harmony Woodington experienced a life-changing moment in October 2012, when she was involved in a severe car accident that left her with a severe concussion, whiplash, and misaligned spine. This caused her to abandon her job and put her in a difficult situation financially. She eventually realized that the accident was happening for a greater purpose and had the desire to learn from it. After a year and a half, she had her “aha” moment and was able to put her life back together, now living in a home with an ocean and mountain view, providing for her sister and running a successful business.

Find the courage within you to push past your fears and unlock a world of limitless possibilities when you say “yes” to yourself. Discover the power within you today!

Fear is an emotion that we all experience at some point in our lives. But learning how to overcome fear or deal with it effectively, can help us in many ways.

In this episode, my guest Harmony shares her life-altering experience. Despite feeling like she was knocked down to her lowest point, she found her own strength and self worth. She had an experience that showed her what she was capable of and it was a powerful moment of self-discovery.

So that we can weather all storms, so that we can be in a place of peace in the eye of the storm, so that we know how to hold space for our emotions, we know how to expand. We know how to step into this powerhouse self that can weather anything, that we can say yes when we’re inspired with ease, that can invest in any dreams and desires that we have because we know our worth. That is what we want to create. And the only way to create that is to say yes to you and fall in love with yourself.

Harmony explained how she was affected by fear when she was younger and how it paralyzed her from achieving her goals. She overcame this fear, noting that she first had to honor the experience she had of lack of love from her family. Once she had her “aha” moment , she was able to put her life back together. The key to overcoming fear was through love and understanding herself.

She offered advice on how to develop a healthier and more peaceful mindset through loving you first…and the rest will follow. Discover the power within you today!

Find the courage within you to push past your fears and unlock a world of limitless possibilities when you say “yes” to yourself. 

How does Harmony Sail Through Life?

Her words of advice…

A holistic, beautiful life that is in service of you, your divine design, one that makes you happy, one that honors your truth, your dreams, one that makes your soul sing. I’m just going to tell you right now that every aspect of your life is going to fall into place and you are going to be happy. Everything will fall into place. What we do is, unfortunately, invest in others and follow other people’s agendas, thinking that’s going to make everything okay and that at some point in life we turn around and realize that following other people’s agenda is leaving us feeling empty. All the success in the world doesn’t fill that void that we have within. So if you haven’t discovered this for yourself, every single one of you, I’m going to tell you there’s nothing that matters more than falling in love with you. That’s saying yes to you, developing that unconditionally loving relationship with yourself and focusing on it for the rest of your life. Because expanding on the multifaceted, powerful, beautiful, divine being that you are is going to take the rest of your life to do. And you keep changing in this human existence, our bodies keep changing, so we need to keep recommitting to loving ourselves unconditionally as those shifts and changes happen. Absolutely incredible.

You can connect with Harmony to learn more about her services through the link in the episode description. 


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