Discovering Our Own Epic Stories: Uncovering Inner Narratives for a Thriving Life

Meridith Alexander –

Living an epic life involves being in control of how we experience our lives, rather than the opposite. It is about tapping into the power within ourselves to be able to achieve even our most impossible dreams, despite all the reasons why it seems impossible to do so. We must recognize that each of us are capable and can show up as our best selves in order to create a life of fulfillment and success.

Ep. 101

You wake up. Get ready for work. You do your normal thing. Then, out of the blue, you get that dreaded phone call. The one that changes your life forever! It forces you to step back and figure out your new game plan.

Meridith Alexander got that terrifying call. She shares her daughter Schuyler’s tragic accident being crushed by a boulder. Reality hit her when she asked herself what the worst of her horrible emotions was. She realized that it was feeling powerless to help her daughter, so she decided to start playing the inner game like she had never played it before. 

Today, she believes that it’s thanks to these “impossible” boulders that ordinary lives can become epic lives. Meridith is a bestselling author, motivational speaker and coach. She shares really powerful tools that you will be able to start using today to discover your own epic story and uncover your inner narratives for a thriving life.

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and when you feel stuck:

Playing with the words, temporary playing with the words “YET”. That can be a game changer. And that alone, if you take a look at your language, that can start to move the needle in incredible ways.

I even had a trainer at one point at a program that I was at who said add at an end of a statement that makes you feel heavy. Add “AND THAT’S FREAKING AWESOME”, right? And it confuses your mind. And I was like, yeah, it does. I like that. I like that. And what if it is freaking awesome, right? What am I assuming here? That it’s not necessarily true, right? That it’s not freaking awesome? Well, what if it is?”

Meridith committed to authentically asking new questions and finding thoughts that would help her inch her way from despair to a place of calm and even happiness. As a result, Schuyler experienced medically impossible recoveries and Meridith came to believe that when you commit to becoming your best self, you can achieve things that previously felt impossible.

…and then all of a sudden, I got a call on a Friday afternoon that Schuyler , my youngest daughter, who had been down in South America had been crushed by a boulder. I got on that plane as probably a woman who was filled with self doubt and it felt like this perfect storm of really negative emotions. And yet what I realized the worst feeling of all of it was feeling powerless to help my daughter. I realized that I had zero control over the outer game things. thing that I really was starting to learn to do really well, and that was to play a mean inner game.

How does Meridith Sail Through Life?

Her words of advice…

“I would say the most important thing by far is the analogy that you have created in this sailing through life is that sometimes it can feel like we’re in a very windy part. We’ve got hurricanes, cyclones, heavy winds coming our way, and yet without the wind, we would not be able to sail. And so it really is that duality. And to come to peace where we can realize that as we look back at what we have experienced. And instead of beating ourselves up, give ourselves credit for having been pretty freaking. Awesome for having done the best that we did and that it was pretty heroic. Even if we had to make some sacrifices and make some choices that felt like they weren’t easy, Because now we have the opportunity. We’re bigger, bolder versions of ourselves, thanks to having weathered those wins. And that it really is that duality. Those moments, like I said earlier, that are so beautiful, they take your breath away, coupled with those real intense learning moments where the winds knocked out of you, that you really discover that epic version that you’re capable of being. So it’s loving, loving the “both-ness”.

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Get your free gift HERE! 10 phrases that will keep you stuck! 

Her Book: The Sky is the Limit:Sometimes the Limit is Just the Beginning

Facebook: @SchuyistheLimit 

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