Another Trip Around in 2022

Lorie- 2022: A Year in Review Ep. 94 “Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for being a part of this. Thank you for supporting me. You are the reason I’m here. You are the reason this is possible. I’m so grateful for everything from January to December– all that happened even ifContinue reading “Another Trip Around in 2022”

Riding Out the Storms in Life: “Cycle of Lives”

David Richman- Navigating cancer can be difficult not only at the time of diagnosis, but also while processing the trauma.  The grief and sadness can feel overwhelming. The isolation can keep you stuck. The emotions can get packed away. Ep. 91 My guest, David Richman, author, speaker and philanthropist, found himself in a life transformationContinue reading “Riding Out the Storms in Life: “Cycle of Lives””

Coasting Along: Finding Gratitude and Calm

Lorie- What are you thankful for? This time of year reminds us of why we should be grateful. Thankful and grateful are words that describe how we feel when we think about our lives. Ep. 89 It’s a busy time of the year with the holidays, family gatherings, shopping and short tempers. Sure it’s easyContinue reading “Coasting Along: Finding Gratitude and Calm”

Short Message for the Week

Lorie- I just wanted to give you a short update on the situation here. Normally I would have a full episode with a guest interview but this week is a little different. This week I have to work a little bit on the fly and not have an expectation of anything because life changes. Ep.Continue reading “Short Message for the Week”

Crossing Your Wake: Another New Day Two Years Later

Lorie – The Two Year Anniversary of the podcast.  After 2 years and 86 episodes – It is time to celebrate! Bonus Episode Flashback to November 2020.  The world was reeling from the recent pandemic outbreak. People were living in times that they could not understand or relate to. I was working in a funeralContinue reading “Crossing Your Wake: Another New Day Two Years Later”

Rough Seas Ahead: Are you “Up for the Fight”? Navigating your Cancer Journey

Bill C. Potts- Ep. 79 How do you get through a cancer diagnosis? Wow! Big question. Obviously you are here because of it. My mind floods with all of the thoughts and questions that pop up. The confusion and fear that takes over.  My guest today discusses how he has navigated through his own fight.Continue reading “Rough Seas Ahead: Are you “Up for the Fight”? Navigating your Cancer Journey”

Stay Anchored Meditation: Releasing Anxious Thoughts

Lorie- I want to welcome you, my dear friends, to the first Stay Anchored Meditation We can all use a moment of peace in our days. Check in with yourself today and see how you are really feeling. Do you feel the tension in you shoulders or jaw? Hanging on to that stress is harmfulContinue reading “Stay Anchored Meditation: Releasing Anxious Thoughts”

Into the Darkness: Holistic Sleep Solutions for Better Health & Happier Lives

Morgan Adams- Are you struggling to fall asleep or wake up feeling refreshed? You may be suffering from poor quality sleep. Listen to my guest and holistic sleep coach Morgan Adams and discover why and what you can do about it! Morgan helps women who struggle with getting a good night’s sleep consistently. Her goal isContinue reading “Into the Darkness: Holistic Sleep Solutions for Better Health & Happier Lives”