Another Trip Around in 2022


2022: A Year in Review

Ep. 94

“Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for being a part of this. Thank you for supporting me. You are the reason I’m here. You are the reason this is possible. I’m so grateful for everything from January to December– all that happened even if it wasn’t what I expected or had hoped for. I am grateful I’m here right now reliving all these touching and inspirational moments of the year. I look forward to new and amazing things next year! So, stick with me as we start the year off strong with my first conversation. You won’t want to miss it!”

Welcome to the final episode of 2022!

💙 Woohoo!!!

What a crazy ride this year has been

I had envisioned the year going a little bit, well maybe a lot different.

I was looking forward to working in some more Rest and Relaxation and fine tuning my focus for the show and for myself.

The show was going in this incredible direction at the end of 2021 and I had my remarkable guests lined up. I was pumped for these unforgettable conversations to happen.

Well, gosh, if there wasn’t a hiccup right smack dab in the middle of it all. More on that in a bit.

Needless to say, We got through it! I made it to the other side! 

For this last episode, I decided to recap the year and take you through this amazing adventure…I wanted to keep it in chronological order so you could follow along and find the episodes easier at a later time.

If you have missed any of these episodes, you can listen to them on my website (you can search for them individually) or on whatever platform you follow me on…or even google the episodes. 

So, I began the year with a mission to discover the treasure inside of me. This understanding would come about as a result of my various life experiences that forced me to change my perspective. I used this knowledge to learn and grow. To become a better me.

What is your potential?  Do you have a concept of what you are capable of? In my conversation with Robert, he gets us revved up for a year of growth and discovery. 

As I prepared for the following interviews I started understanding how many aspects there are to Who We Are. 

There is the emotional side. How we feel about our experiences. We also have our relationships to ourselves and others: intimate family work, social life- these all are a part of Who you Are

As I discussed with Chris in the happy crew and Branch avoiding the breakwall. Both had some sensible points and thoughts on how you can create the best relationships and how to make changes in them if you see they are in danger.

We also have the physical side of exercise and nutrition and how that plays into how you feel about yourself. Lynn was a great resource for a healthier lifestyle in the galley when it comes to diet and how food affects and can improve your health. 

Justin’s background with failing in school, dad in jail and mom passing away…led him to uncover his inspiring life and forge ahead.  If you’ve gone through something life changing how do you get through that adversity, how do you overcome that struggle?

Suzanne was gracious to share her daughter Teal with us and how watching her daughter pass away forced her to rethink how she was living her life and how she was inspired by her daughter’s way of living. She wanted to take advantage of now in Time and Tide

My episode with Caroline was such an emotional conversation. Hearing how she faced death  as a young mom of 2 little ones. Her third cancer diagnosis…pushed her to the edge with.stage 4 non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. She shared her victory of turning it all around and is now giving hope to others.

Laura talked about a maiden voyage -creating a new life chapter. As we go through life you are writing our life story. Every chapter to come is blank and you get to create that as you go along. She gave you some really poignant things to think about as you go into our new chapters.

What’s next and how can I live the best life possible.If you’re a cancer survivor you’ve probably challenged yourself with a lot of these thoughts. 

Do you know if you are an HSP? which is a highly sensitive person. If you feel like you are in tune with a lot of things above and beyond the norm you will enjoy my convo with Graciela, she explained how you’re so much more elevated in your awareness and what skills you possess that give you a way to protect yourself from taking on the feelings of others that are around you. And no! you are not too sensitive!

Ryan has a powerful story of overcoming obstacles.  At age 16, she was in a car accident that paralyzed her. But that did not hold her back from doing what she wanted to do. She had to choose to sink or swim. Her story is miraculous! What a Powerhouse of motivation and strength. 

Have you ever heard of EFT or emotional Freedom technique? Ann was spectacular at explaining the technique and the way you use this tool to help you reconnect too old emotions to process them so that you can move on and not continue to be shadowed by the events of the past.

Christie shared about her challenges and how she refuels her soul after going through cancer. How to stay in the present moment. A way to not get so caught up by what’s happened in the past or what might happen in the future. Her positive outlook is contagious.

Eric and I talked about journaling and how getting those thoughts out of your head and onto paper can really impact and can really help you process what you’re going through. It gives you Clarity and makes it easier for you to figure out how to make a better life for yourself.

When I talked to my guest Kara bitar, we discussed how stress can force you to make changes in your life, how do you manage the oceans of stress and what do you do when you make these big decisions in life to change.Karas passion comes through and she opens up about her own life and the power she found inside.

Of course in May, we talked about skin cancer and melanoma awareness these were some really interesting and informative conversations with Dr Terry about sunscreen in Christy about her UPF clothing even my sister about being a sibling to someone who’s going through or has been through melanoma and finally Bronwyn the “Suncare Coach” and her extraordinary insight to dealing with the psychology of skin cancer.

It was soon after the episode with Charlene about rising and shining through trauma and how it impacts us, that I ended up with my own unforeseen challenge.

I went in for a routine scan and ended up staying in the hospital for emergency surgery. 

Talk about unexpected and kind of disappointing. Of course trying to get back on the horse here and get the show going again had some hiccups but I was determined to make it happen. I hit a low, but bounced back and then some.

When talking to Leann about handling chronic illness, we learned how mindset is so important,  It’s what you do when you have been diagnosed with cancer. How do you handle chronic illness? You will have to listen to her frosting theory and her optimism is very motivating.

Speaking of being inspired oh, what about Dorothy and her incredibly touching story about being diagnosed so young with breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Come hell or high water, she is making a difference in the world. Totally empowering conversation!

No wonder we have trouble sleeping at night with all the stuff that we face on a daily basis. That’s why I invited Morgan to talk about sleep. She explained all about sleep habits, how to sleep better, how you feel better because you actually sleep. I know I have a hard time sleeping a lot, but yet I keep working on what it can do to make it better. And that’s what she talked about the holistic steps that need to take to set ourselves up for success as you go into the darkness. 

When I realized the ways that I could  help myself, I became certified and a mindfulness teacher. That is when I recorded my first meditation Releasing anxious thoughts. I think we all know that feeling we get we start to get  overwhelmed by what’s to come. when you’re facing something and you have fear with that. It is difficult to get through that sometimes. So that’s why I created that meditation to help in those moments where you you can sense that you’re going the wrong direction and will help you relax and release

Coming back from all these crazy summer events I was thrilled to have Emily on talking about the unbelievable opportunity she had to  complete the book her mom started when she was diagnosed with cancer. What a wonderful, descriptive and beautiful book. If you have not had a chance to read it I would definitely suggest it, especially in the cold months when you want to escape reading bird of paradise. She is such a talented writer.

We  all need to feel loved and the first step to that is showing love. Kim was so expressive with how to fill your heart with love and shared her story of not only her cancer diagnosis but dealing with that at the same time her husband was diagnosed. If you need a little touch point- this is a good episode for you. 

Of course then I spoke to  Bill next who is a 5 time cancer survivor. Hello! I mean how about writing a book and talking about how to navigate through a cancer journey.Just the power of being a survivor and the importance of advocating for yourself will help you get through the rough seas ahead.

Jennifer was great at sharing her story of turning her life around after being in a car accident. How she figured out what was really important to her and made that a priority in her life after her voyage within.

Carrie is and will always be so important to me. She was able to express her fears and her growth after multiple skin Cancers and melanomas. What it’s like to be in the middle of this chaos and still work and raise a family and a wife. There were so many things that happened to her along with the passing of her father that all collided at the same time. But yet she made it all happen through her strength and openness to share with you.

Finding your happiness. Who isn’t looking for happiness? If you heard my conversation with Karyn, you’ll know that she put it to the test. How to find it and what her life was like before she finally figured it out. This is fascinating and she really draws you in in this conversation. I think it’s very obtainable.  She gets you on the right track to finding your happiness. We all know how compromised we are when we get on that slippery slope of negativity and worry and fear. So if you’re there she has some incredible things to share.

Kara talks about meditation where it comes from and why it’s important to find something to calm us down.  She even gets into the science of meditation and why it works. why what we’ve done since the beginning of time doesn’t work when we continue to do in modern times. Her focus on meditation started after her own challenges in life collided.

Deb and her daughter’s story broke my heart because I could relate on a lot of levels. The life of expectations and dreams and how everything comes to a screeching halt. It’s also about what comes from that experience. what we can take from that darkest time to discover Joy and resilience.

And of course I had to do a sleep meditation because, as I noted earlier, sleep is sooo important. I felt that with the temperatures starting to drop, the seasons were changing, you maybe wanted to have a little escape during the colder months. I guide you through a trip to paradise and help you fall asleep peacefully and deeply. You can listen to it over and over and over and hopefully you will never hear the end of it because you’re so relaxed and fall asleep quickly.

In going with the flow, Sarah joined me to talk about the effects of stress on the body and her own vulnerability after going through some traumatic events and then figuring out the importance of meditation in her life. She shared how it is an absolute must daily to check in and be in the moment. How much that gives her a jumpstart to her day puts her at her better place so that if something happens she has more of a cushion to work through so it doesn’t take her down.

I had a great time interviewing my first-ever duo- Zach and Jeremy. We talked about their backgrounds and how they ended up becoming podcast hosts. They said that it all started with their experiences growing up and how they wanted to change their lives. They also shared some amazing AHA moments and what has stayed the same for them over the years. there’s always an evolution that happens.

David Richmond and his “Cycle of Lives” book. I was surprised and excited to have him on the show because we had so many connections even though we never knew each other before this recording. We had so many commonalities and people we knew and it was such a good time. His book is intriguing because it had so many layers to it. It was speaking to people who had made it through cancer because of his desire to bring awareness to the emotional side of cancer. He made it the focus to ride out the storms of life on his bike. He personally rode 5000 plus miles from California to Florida to New York  to meet all the people that were in the book. He went above and beyond and what an incredible journey for everyone involved.

And my last interview of 2022 was Dana, what a gem! We had a lot to laugh about and there’s a lot of background story to this one, But seriously, she really had gone through quite a bit in life with family and health struggles before she found her extraordinary life. This is definitely an uplifting and colorful conversation!

Of course, I had to get one more meditation in before the end of the year. What better topic than finding compassion in the time where we’re supposed to be giving and have kindness and love to one another. we’re usually the hardest on ourselves. So finding self-compassion and then understanding how that impacts you so you can show others compassion is the whole message. So, if you’re struggling with that feeling of how to be compassionate to yourself, Show Yourself kindness.  then definitely listen to this Meditation. It will give you a starting point to understand how to be kind to yourself a little bit better

Which leads me to this episode…my the 52nd episode for this year and episode 94 in total!

This is it.

This was my year.

Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for being a part of it. Thank you for supporting me. You are the reason I’m here, you are the reason this is possible. I’m so grateful for everything from January to December– all that happened even if it wasn’t what I expected or had hoped for. I am grateful I’m here right now reliving all these touching and inspirational moments of the year. I look forward to new and amazing things next year! So stick with me as we start the year off strong with my first conversation. You don’t want to miss it! 

Remember~ Stay Anchored ⚓

Listen to this important episode to hear more.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor! I would love to grow this amazing support community!



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