Riding Out the Storms in Life: “Cycle of Lives”

David Richman-

Navigating cancer can be difficult not only at the time of diagnosis, but also while processing the trauma.  The grief and sadness can feel overwhelming. The isolation can keep you stuck. The emotions can get packed away.

Ep. 91

My guest, David Richman, author, speaker and philanthropist, found himself in a life transformation at the same time his sister was diagnosed with brain cancer.  While she was in the last few weeks of her battle, he made a promise to her and decided to learn more by becoming more involved at a deeper level. The lack of emotion he witnessed in the world of cancer puzzled him. So, he set out on a mission to understand why there is such a great disconnect. This led him to start a project. One that would change the lives of so many.

They’re just living their life and they don’t find it remarkable and they just learn how to cope and they’ve learned how to get past traumas. They learn how to whatever, but they’re just living their lives. We’ve all gone through things. We’ve all dealt with things. We’ve all coped. We’ve all vaulted the traumas away and boy if we just give each other a revealing, connecting, trusted place to kinda open up and lay it out there, man is it humbling to know what people have gone through.

From this incredible adventure, he wrote his book “Cycle of Lives: 15 People’s Stories, 5,000 Miles, and a Journey Through the Emotional Chaos of Cancer”

Through his conversations with these remarkable cancer survivors, David came to see the impact of human connection through their courageous life-changing stories, the power of being vulnerable and to ride out the storms of life with grace and kindness.

As you go through the cycle of your life, remember that  Making a connection and being vulnerable frees you from what holds you captive in a place that is detrimental to your life.

David went through an incredible experience starting with his own transformation of his life from being stressed out to living an incredible life. After watching his sister go through brain cancer and then seeing the environment that surrounded the emotional side of cancer really reinforced the importance of understanding how our minds work.

The blessings that came from his many conversations continue to impact David. We never really know what someone’s story is until we dig deeper.to  learn what others have gone through and how they coped It all Led to the way they respond to life now. 

To find out more about David and his book “Cycle of Lives” GO TO: www.cycleoflives.org

Follow the link to amazon to get your copy of David’s book. Remember, the profits of the book will go toward cancer-related charities featured in “Cycle of Lives”

BUY “Cycle of Lives” HERE on Amazon

Donate to Relay for Life to support cancer research or support Adolescent and Young Adult cancer survivors through Stupid Cancer 

Social Media: Instagram @davidrichman_cycleoflives Facebook @cycleoflives 

Courtesy of David Richman

“Cycle of Lives” was created as the result of many years of dedication to raising awareness and funds for cancer research and care. David first started to form the idea in 2007, after his sister was in the last few weeks of her battle with brain cancer.

David made a commitment to his sister before her passing— he would run 24 hours and raise money to support the fight of others. Over the last 15 years, David completed several more events: 24-hour runs, an 87-mile run from Cancun to Tulum in the heat of a Mexican summer, a 104-mile run along the Pacific Coast Highway, long bike rides, and various other
endurance events.
Hundreds of people have supported and joined David in these events, and together, they have raised tens of thousands of dollars along the way for exceptional organizations like the American Cancer Society and Moffitt Cancer Center. In the spirit of continual support, David is donating the profits from book sales to the various cancer-related charities featured in Cycle of Lives.

In Cycle of Lives, David Richman takes you on an unexplored journey uncovering the emotions behind cancer—exploring issues far exceeding everyday survival. He does this by presenting 15 remarkable stories, from people whose encounters with cancer come from varying perspectives, and whose journeys span the full range of human emotions. The stories are engaging, evocative and provide insight into the human experience in dealing with trauma. In addition to these 15 stories, he presents the narrative of biking across the country—5,000-miles in six weeks—to meet the book participants, while sorting out his own emotions over having lost his sister to cancer years before.

Remember~ Stay Anchored ⚓

Listen to this important episode to hear more.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor! I would love to grow this amazing support community!



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