Rough Seas Ahead: Are you “Up for the Fight”? Navigating your Cancer Journey

Bill C. Potts-

Ep. 79

How do you get through a cancer diagnosis? Wow! Big question. Obviously you are here because of it. My mind floods with all of the thoughts and questions that pop up. The confusion and fear that takes over. 

My guest today discusses how he has navigated through his own fight. Bill C. Potts is a five-time cancer survivor and author of his newly released book, “UP FOR THE FIGHT -How to Advocate for Yourself as you Battle Cancer from a Five-Time Survivor”. In this guide, he dives into the answers he searched for when his cancer journey started and fills those voids. With empathy and honesty, Bill covers those heavy topics that are the hardest to discuss.  It is important to note that it was written with his experience and knowledge during his own cancer journey. Through treatment – chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and multiple surgeries. 

As an IRONMAN athlete, Bill knows how Important  diet, exercise, wellness – both mental and physical, and staying active are. How much living a healthy, active and well balanced lifestyle impacts the cancer journey. Bill’s experience with cancer has guided him on his mission to make a difference. To be that beacon of hope for others. To help that one person going through the hardest chapter of their lives – fighting cancer. He pursues life and all that comes with it with impressive passion and drive.

Bill expressed how difficult this fight has been for him. The fear that he faces has been met with the strength of his faith and determination to make a difference. The emotional side of cancer can be intense, but is more manageable when we have the support of others during this challenging time. It is key for us to be our own advocates. To create the team and the care we need.

…and she goes, ring it for the other patients that are getting chemotherapy right now, they’ll hear it. It will give them hope. Also, ring it for you to celebrate you’ve completed this piece of the journey. And I’m like “wow”, you know! Hope…it’s so powerful and that bell gives me hope. Hope is such a critical part of this journey and not everybody gets to ring the bell and I respect that, When they do, it gives others hope!

Bill has done an outstanding job putting his experience and thoughts together in his valuable guide for both cancer patients and those who support them

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Bill Potts’ UP FOR THE FIGHT: How to Advocate for Yourself as You Battle Cancer – from a Five-Time Survivor (Sept. 13, 2022). 

Bill is a motivational speaker, creative business leader, energetic community builder, IRONMAN athlete, dedicated father and husband…and a five-time cancer survivor (his current fight against #6 is ongoing). He has written an indispensable handbook for anyone going through a cancer diagnosis – like the definitive What to Expect When You’re Expecting….but for cancer.

Jam-packed with knowledge, insight, and advice Bill wishes he never had to learn, UP FOR THE FIGHT explains exactly what to expect and shares lessons and important tips you can put into action along the way: from diagnosis, to treatment, to remission, to cure–and how to face setbacks on the road to recovery. 

The book has been endorsed by MD Anderson, The Mayo Clinic, The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Connect with Bill here:

Bill C.

Facebook @billcpotts  Instagram @billcpotts93

LinkedIn @billcpotts Tiktok @billcpotts 

Bill is also involved with the Halo House Foundation as an Advisory Board Member. This foundation provides affordable housing for cancer patients. If you would like to support Halo House follow this link:

Remember~ Stay Anchored ⚓

Listen to this important episode to hear more.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor! I would love to grow this amazing support community!



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