In the Eye of the Storm: Life after a Melanoma Diagnosis

Carrie Brophy-

Ep. 81

 “I’m not ashamed of my scars, for I let them remind me that I am stronger than what has tried to take me.”

After a whirlwind of unfortunate events collided with Carrie Brophy, she found herself in a new world and the feeling of having little control over what her life was. Living in constant anxiety about what tomorrow would bring.

Carrie, a mom of 6, a wife, a pediatric nurse and most recently a melanoma survivor. In 2020 she was in an unfamiliar place- thrust to look inside herself and face her new reality. This is a must listen episode if you are trying to figure out this new world of cancer, to keep your head above water and deal with the fear and anxiety that comes with all of it.

Carrie talks about being in the “eye of the storm”…which is a perfect metaphor for when things are momentarily calm but there is a lot going on that needs to be dealt with. She bravely shares with us today such an important message about her internal struggles and navigating her melanoma journey. 

“I think one of my hesitations on speaking out on this is because even though some of my closest friends, some of them did not know until recently. I started opening up. It was because I just didn’t want people pitying me was one thing. Also, then every time we got together, I didn’t want to be, you know, Melanoma is part of me, but I don’t want it to be all of me. I am realizing that I can shape how that comes about.”

Learning the lessons of trusting yourself and knowing you are led to the place where you are -for a purpose -can be difficult when going through a diagnosis. What came from these challenges created a bigger impact in her life and a drive to push through and be there for others.

Eventually she realized how important it was to get out from under the terror and fear of this constant reminder of cancer and become an advocate for others as they navigate through their cancer She is very involved in the support org AIM at Melanoma. She has come to terms with her many scars and the uncertainty of the future…and expressed that “I’m not ashamed of my scars, for I let them  remind me that I am stronger than what has tried to take me.”

For information and support through a Melanoma Diagnosis:

AIM at Melanoma 

Or follow this link for more: Melanoma and Skin Cancer

Remember~ Stay Anchored ⚓

Listen to this important episode to hear more.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor! I would love to grow this amazing support community!



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