Second Wind: Rebuilding Your Sex Life After Cancer

Juni Bucher-

Sex may be the last thing you think about when you get diagnosed with cancer, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Sex and cancer is not a topic that is usually brought up in many conversations, but for many people it can be an issue in their life. It is not unusual for cancer survivors to struggle with their libido. 

Ep. 95

Juni Bucher is passionate about helping women  as they navigate a new body and a new normal and she does it with a  sense of humor and honesty. As a breast cancer survivor, her first hand experience handling her new normal,  caused her to see things differently. Eventually leading her to completely change her life and career after her diagnosis. 

Juni is now a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and certified meditation teacher, with a focus on the holistic side of healing.

When you are going through your treatments, stress is the number one libido killer and obviously nobody should feel bad about not feeling sexual at a time when you’re battling for your life. That is a reality that during treatment that kind of takes a backseat. It also can be difficult on a relationship when the dynamic changes from a couple to patient and caregiver.

It’s a new topic for the show but also very, very important because it is something pretty basic and it’s at one of the probably the first things that kind of goes out the window when a cancer diagnosis happens. So, I really do want to bring light to this and then bring some resolution to maybe somebody that’s listening they figure out a better way to handle this get through it and and get back on track with it.

If you have cancer or are still struggling, it’s important to understand that your sex life can change, which can impact your relationship with yourself, your partner and your overall quality of life.

When we talk about your body healing from cancer, we have to realize it can cause long-lasting effects such as loss of sexual function, pain, fatigue and even tension in relationships. But it is important to not only understand the physiological effects of cancer, but also the psychological effects. 

Juni had fantastic advice about ways to rebuild your libido and reconnect to yourself and your partner. It is important to remember that most of this begins with taking care of you. Focusing on a healthy body and using mindfulness to help you be aware and present is the foundation for rebuilding a thriving sex life after cancer. 

After seeing the power of nutrition and lifestyle changes in her own life, Juni is a passionate advocate for taking a holistic approach to wellness.   By strengthening the mind/body relationship, managing stress and adding in a whole bunch of self-love, Juni works with people who want to feel good in their own skin and have the energy to achieve their wildest dreams. 

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