Into the Depths: Discovering Your Extraordinary Life

Dana Sardano-

Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of? Most of us are not. We muddle through life hoping we get to this magical destination someday. What if you could go on a trip to find this new life? Imagine a journey deep inside to discover your extraordinary life!

Ep. 92

Dana Sardano has been on this journey. Her life started with growing up in a dysfunctional family which set her up for many more disappointments, including a cancer diagnosis in her 20’s. From hitting rock bottom to going deep within herself, she uncovered something quite amazing. Dana, an artist and author as well as intuitive, found the secret  and now empowers others on their personal growth journeys through her guidance to step into the best version of themselves.

“There may be more than one purpose and so, yeah, again life happens and it’s an opportunity for us to learn from it and if the same thing keeps happening, clearly we’re missing something and it’s for us to step back, not become entrenched in our emotions and look at it. How can I look at this differently? It could be so overwhelming, especially in our darkest hour.”

Dana is such a powerhouse of great energy. We shared a lot of laughter, but as she told us, there was plenty of pain previously in her life. It was persevering through those darkest hours, that she found something better than she had ever imagined. 

Dana explained that when you continue to experience the same life lessons over and over and feel overwhelmed, you are not getting the message. Life is willing to work with you, but you have to learn to trust yourself so you can discover your extraordinary life!

Really have faith and really trust to surrender and that’s why I use the word allow because when I feel stuck in any way now, is it took me a lot longer, I used to be like way stuck in the mud. I would need a 4 x 4 to tow me out. But now as soon as I get any kind of resistance- hands up and just take a breath. Is anyone going to die here? This is an emergency? No? Then take a breath and allow. It’s eventually going to show itself. It’s in those moments of pause, you’ll be amazed at the clarity that you’ll receive in any and all situations. You’re in a situation, let’s use a doctor’s appointment as an example right? In my experience with my health I would go to the doctor and they always tell you the worst possible scenario...”

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More about Dana:

Author, Artist, Educator, and Intuitive,

Dana has authored several books, all centered around personal growth and wellness. She wrote and illustrated her first book, Veda Finds Her Crown, a book centered around chakra health and development to help aide teachers, parents, and caretakers who are educating the whole child. She then authored Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment, and quickly followed up Ten Recommandments with Beyond the Ten, Decoding the Woo Woo, an autobiographical account of her own spiritual journey, written with the hope of demystifying spiritual practices by presenting them in a practical and understandable way.

Dana Sardano’s most well-known book Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment has much to offer about taking the reins and living the life of your choosing. Dana knew from a relatively young age that because of her vast experiences, colorful approach to storytelling, and her desire to utilize her story to help empower others that she would one day write a book.

Because of her personal pursuit for success as an artist, she had never slowed down long enough to do so. Ironically enough, in April 2021, she and her family all got Covid 19 and were homebound for about a month, slowing Dana down long enough to allow her ideas to flow from her head to her hand, and once that process began, there was no stopping her.

Ten Recommandments for Personal Empowerment is a loose autobiography based on Dana’s dysfunctional up-bringing and how she empowered herself and came out the other side. Showcasing this how-to meets autobiographical approach to her writing style, Dana uses anecdotes from her personal experiences, shares what she’s gleaned from these experiences, and offers insights on how to work through personal trauma in a step-by-step manner. It’s actually pretty amazing! Just ask her.

“What I’ve learned through the process of self-exploration is that our personal empowerment is directly linked to our ability to look within and ultimately recognize that we are all interconnected, and we are all essentially in this together. I learned that I didn’t just suffer; we all suffer. Our humanness is based in suffering and this suffering binds us and hopefully teaches us compassion for ourselves and others along the way. What I also learned is, at the end of the day, I and I alone am responsible for my own suffering, and when I begin taking the steps toward releasing that suffering, then I will truly feel empowered.”  ~Dana Sardano



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