Skin Cancer Awareness, Pt. 4: Beacon of Light – Cancer Support and Sibling to a Melanoma Survivor

Kathleen St. Clair- This is a special first ever episode like this on this show. It is a conversation between two sisters. One is a cancer survivor and the other dedicates her days making a difference to cancer patients. Through thick and thin they are there for each other. My sister, Kathleen St Clair joinsContinue reading “Skin Cancer Awareness, Pt. 4: Beacon of Light – Cancer Support and Sibling to a Melanoma Survivor”

A Happy Crew: Creating Successful Relationships

Chris Plourde- Relationships – We all have them. They exist in many forms in our lives. We have relationships with people, finances, spirituality and most importantly – ourselves. With energy and excitement, my guest Chris Plourde is joining me today to shed some light on how we can better our relationships. You might be surprisedContinue reading “A Happy Crew: Creating Successful Relationships”

The Treasure Inside of You: Dreaming Big Again

Robert Riopel- What is the treasure you have inside of you? On this treasure hunt in life, there really isn’t a big “X” marking it out. You have to take the journey of self-discovery to find it. I think you will appreciate the realness, the humor and the energy you will feel from listening toContinue reading “The Treasure Inside of You: Dreaming Big Again”

Your Southern Cross: Letting your Heart Guide You

Dieter Randolph- We all need something to direct us on our journey. Some sort of beacon to guide us on our journey of growth. In today’s episode, my guest Dieter Randolph and I talk about what we can do to find the meaning in our lives. We all have a calling and we all wantContinue reading “Your Southern Cross: Letting your Heart Guide You”

The Whole Nine Yards: Japarra Umbrellas

Penelope Joye- Founder of Japarra Umbrellas From the beginning of her life, Penelope Joye was exposed to the sun and went through her childhood as many of us did with long days at the beach or pool with little or no protection. She paid the price. The result was a melanoma diagnosis, not once, butContinue reading “The Whole Nine Yards: Japarra Umbrellas”

Seas the Day: Diving Deep Inside Yourself

Megan Warren- What do you do when you feel like you are being pulled down in life? If you are ready to try something new, to take the plunge, dive deep inside yourself to discover who you are, you are going to really enjoy listening to my guest Megan Warren. She joins me to helpContinue reading “Seas the Day: Diving Deep Inside Yourself”

Charting your Course: Getting Anchored

Lorie- It’s time to celebrate, be thankful and find gratitude in your life. In this special episode, I am excited to share some news about the changes in my life and the podcast.  What do you have to be thankful for? It’s that time of year when we start to think of these things ifContinue reading “Charting your Course: Getting Anchored”

Even-Keeled: Find the Balance in Your Life

Michelle Kalkan- Finding balance in your life. Her energy and cheerful outlook shows how she has been able to bounce back and overcome the life she had to create a life she loves. After divorce, bankruptcy and cancer, Michelle Kalkan found the way to be a survivor and thriver. Through this series of events andContinue reading “Even-Keeled: Find the Balance in Your Life”

Before That Ship Has Sailed: Planning Ahead for a “Happier Ending”

Lynn Sherwood- This is a heartfelt and touching conversation about the reality of life. We will all go through grief and loss at some point. Life is precious. Let’s make the most of the time we have together. Even if it means having the hard conversations. The importance of end-of-life communication hit home when LynnContinue reading “Before That Ship Has Sailed: Planning Ahead for a “Happier Ending””