Stay Anchored Meditation: Finding Compassion

Lorie- While difficulties come along with life, remind yourself of how strong you have been in the past and that you have the capacity to make it through.  Embrace the hardships you encounter, for overcoming these will bring about new strength and more compassion. Ep. 93 The last few episodes of the year are alwaysContinue reading “Stay Anchored Meditation: Finding Compassion”

Into the Depths: Discovering Your Extraordinary Life

Dana Sardano- Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of? Most of us are not. We muddle through life hoping we get to this magical destination someday. What if you could go on a trip to find this new life? Imagine a journey deep inside to discover your extraordinary life! Ep. 92 Dana SardanoContinue reading “Into the Depths: Discovering Your Extraordinary Life”

Man the Lifeboats: How to Save Yourself When You are Sinking in Life

Jeremy Grater & Zach Tucker- When life presents you with the opportunity to make big decisions, to change and transform your life, are you going willingly? Or is your ship sinking and you desperately need a lifeboat? Ep. 90 You may be optimistic and excited to see what’s in store. But, if you’ve had yourContinue reading “Man the Lifeboats: How to Save Yourself When You are Sinking in Life”

The Voyage Within: Discovering your Truth and Adjusting your Mindset

Jennifer Pilates- Ep. 80 Has life challenged you to the point of uncertainty or is it time to make some major changes in your life? We have all gone through this transitional moment. The best thing we can do is realize it comes down to us to take care of ourselves first. To go deepContinue reading “The Voyage Within: Discovering your Truth and Adjusting your Mindset”

The Power You Have Inside: Connecting to your Inner Peace

Four Incredible Women- Ep. 76 Not every moment of every day will be rainbows and sunshine. As much as we’d like it to be, the reality is it’s not. But when we have the option to choose between feeling miserable or finding a way to make peace with the day and pull out the partsContinue reading “The Power You Have Inside: Connecting to your Inner Peace”

Time & Tide: Don’t Wait for Change

Suzanne Falter- How far down do we have to fall to make the changes we want or need in life? What experiences do we have to go through to change how we think? We are so busy that we miss out on many moments in our lives. We cannot stop the passing of time, andContinue reading “Time & Tide: Don’t Wait for Change”

Forging Ahead: Pushing Through Adversity

Justin Schenck- When we think of success, how often do we consider the actual journey that is traveled to that success? It can be a bumpy ride. We usually need to go through the worst of times only to shine so brightly on the other side. We all have challenges in life. We’ve felt theContinue reading “Forging Ahead: Pushing Through Adversity”

The Healthy Galley: A Holistic Approach to Eating

Lynne Bowman- What is the secret recipe for reversing chronic disease, looking and feeling better and most important creating sustainable health habits? Eating healthy is exceptionally delicious with my guest and “healthy gal”, Lynne Bowman. She is wise and witty and has created a whole food, plant based and practical way of eating. This holisticContinue reading “The Healthy Galley: A Holistic Approach to Eating”

A Happy Crew: Creating Successful Relationships

Chris Plourde- Relationships – We all have them. They exist in many forms in our lives. We have relationships with people, finances, spirituality and most importantly – ourselves. With energy and excitement, my guest Chris Plourde is joining me today to shed some light on how we can better our relationships. You might be surprisedContinue reading “A Happy Crew: Creating Successful Relationships”