Stay Anchored Meditation: Drifting Off to Sleep in Paradise

Lorie- Welcome to this guided sleep meditation. In this dreamy visualization, I will gently guide you into a restful and rejuvenating deep sleep while you visit a warm, tropical paradise. A perfect way to comfort you and surround you in warmth as you settle into sleep. Release the distractions of the day. Relax your bodyContinue reading “Stay Anchored Meditation: Drifting Off to Sleep in Paradise”

Stay Anchored Meditation: Healing Your Body

Lorie- I want to welcome you, my dear friends, to the second Stay Anchored Meditation. This guided healing meditation is designed to strengthen your immune system through visualization. Create a feeling of peace and calm throughout your body, release stress and pain by embracing the energy of health, happiness, and well-being. Through your healing journey,Continue reading “Stay Anchored Meditation: Healing Your Body”

Destination Optimism: Keeping Positive with Chronic Illness

Leann Stickel- Optimism. This single world can be your ticket to having a totally different life.  We need to remember to not be limited by our circumstances. We have the opportunity to make changes in how we live mentally and physically. To improve our quality of life. Leann Stickel joins me in this episode toContinue reading “Destination Optimism: Keeping Positive with Chronic Illness”

Skin Cancer Awareness, Pt. 5: Into the Depths- Beauty is Not Just Skin Deep

Bronwyn Davis- Well, Welcome to the 5th and final episode of my melanoma and skin cancer awareness series. This doesn’t  mean it is the end of this topic or bringing awareness…noooo this will continue to be a focus of mine to share and grow this community. I am excited to have today’s guest on myContinue reading “Skin Cancer Awareness, Pt. 5: Into the Depths- Beauty is Not Just Skin Deep”

Skin Cancer Awareness, Pt. 4: Beacon of Light – Cancer Support and Sibling to a Melanoma Survivor

Kathleen St. Clair- This is a Special first ever episode like this on this show. It is a conversation between two sisters. One is a cancer survivor and the other dedicates her days making a difference to cancer patients. Through thick and thin they are there for each other. My sister, Kathleen St Clair joinsContinue reading “Skin Cancer Awareness, Pt. 4: Beacon of Light – Cancer Support and Sibling to a Melanoma Survivor”

Skin Cancer Awareness, Pt. 2: Through Thick and Thin – Protecting your Skin

Dr. Terry Zickerman- We should all know and understand the importance of sun protection. Even if you have not gone through a skin cancer diagnosis, you should be looking for more information on how to keep yourself safe from harmful UV rays.  Have you ever thought about how sunscreen works? Is there a difference betweenContinue reading “Skin Cancer Awareness, Pt. 2: Through Thick and Thin – Protecting your Skin”

Tying Up Loose Ends

Lorie- One year ago I decided it was time to live a better life. To stop living on autopilot. A cancer diagnosis is quite a reality check… you would think that would be enough. When it comes back a couple of months after you finish a year of treatment, you start moving in a differentContinue reading “Tying Up Loose Ends”

Navigating Through the Ocean of Stress to Find a Life You Love

Kara Bitar- Do you find yourself feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or lacking joy? Today Kara Bitar,  Optimization Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, helps you navigate through the ocean of stress and live the happiest, healthiest and most successful version of yourself.  After Kara graduated from Duke University School of Law she went to work in high-stakesContinue reading “Navigating Through the Ocean of Stress to Find a Life You Love”

Successful Journey: Living a Fulfilled Life

Eric Teplitz- What does it mean to live a fulfilled life? We have an image of the life we want to live in our heads. We keep searching for the path to get there. What if we had the ability to achieve it by changing the way we think? Eric Teplitz, joins me today. HeContinue reading “Successful Journey: Living a Fulfilled Life”

Into the Headwinds: Fueling your Soul after Cancer

Christie Finley- Getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult to begin with. Hearing that you have leukemia in your 20’s would be devastating, yet Christie Finley found a way to find hope and fuel her soul while facing this new challenge. She shares her experience of being diagnosed with AML Leukemia at 28 and how sheContinue reading “Into the Headwinds: Fueling your Soul after Cancer”